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TRP Brakes has been churning out a number of brakes recently, with the Parabox hydraulic disc brake conversion kit, the new CR959 carbon cantilever brakes ridden by 2012 World Champion Niels Albert, and now the RevoX long-arm, low-profile cantilever brake, offered in aluminum and carbon options.

TRP's new 2012 RevoX carbon cantilever cyclocross brake, in Neox color.  ©Cyclocross Magazine

TRP's new 2012 RevoX carbon cantilever cyclocross brake, in Neox color. ©Cyclocross Magazine

The carbon RevoX cantilever brake weighs just 122 grams, comes with titanium hardware and offers external springs that allow  independent spring adjustment on each arm.

The design was finalized with input by 2012 World Champion Niels Albert, as external spring does better in mud and is easier to adjust and clean than brakes with fully-enclosed springs, according to TRP. In addition to Albert, Danish cyclocross pro Joachim Parbo will race the RevoX this season. TRP made a limited number of carbon RevoX brakes with the Niels Albert World Champion graphics, pictured here.  The carbon RevoX retails for $299.99 per bike, and comes in three finishes: UD carbon, white and a bright neon “Neox” color.

The alloy model trades titanium hardware for stainless steel hardware, weighs 188 grams, comes in black and silver and retails for $159.99/bike.

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2012 TRP RevoX Carbon Cyclocross Cantilever Brake Photo Gallery:

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