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  • Cyclocross And Guacamole: Finding Family

    Mark (far left) and the rest of the Rutgers Cycling family on his goodbye ride in July.

    I’ve been in Texas now for about two months, and I have a confession to make: I’m a little homesick.

    Initially the thrill of being in a new place and meeting new people kept me from thinking too much about it, but as the dust has settled and I have fallen into my daily routine, I have to say: I miss my crew.

  • Cyclocross And Guacamole: From Texas, With Love

    Our intrepid Texan/New Englander will have less mud this season. Blake Bedoya

    My pitch to Cyclocross Magazine’s Online Editor Molly for this column went something like this: “Cyclocross racer from New Hampshire moves to Texas. Wacky hijinks ensue.”

    Hi, I’m Mark. I just moved from New Jersey to Texas one month ago. I race cyclocross.

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