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  • Interbike 2011: New Speedplay Syzr Pedals

    Speedplay has offered mountain bike pedals for years with the company’s Frog model. But the Frogs never really made a dent into the ’cross market. That could very well change with the introduction of the new Syzr pedals, which will relegate the Frog largely to touring and commuting duty. Modeled after the very popular Speedplay Zero road pedals, the Syzr offers adjustable float adjustment as well as tension adjustment for release and entry.

  • Retuled Part II – the 3-D Bike Fit Experience

    by Josh Liberles In the first part of this article, Josh introduced the high-tech Retül bike fitting process he experienced in Portland’s Cyclepath bike shop. Here, he takes a look at moving that data over to other bikes, including his…

  • It’s Time for a Bike Fit: Get Retuled!

    by Josh Liberles Spring has (just barely, and not very convincingly in many places) sprung, and for many of us it’s the perfect time to take a good hard look at our bike positions. Or, better yet, have a well-trained…

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