While Michael Wissink (Specialized) and Zach McDonald (Classic Cycles) ran away to easy solo wins in the masters and juniors races, the women’s and men’s races were a battle of teamwork, with both races facing two-on-one battles for much of the race.

In the women’s race, Rachel Lloyd (Cal Giant / Specialized) got the holeshot but Katerina Nash (Luna) quickly moved to the front and take control. After her teammate and series leader Georgia Gould attacked just one lap in, the lead was down to just five, with Wendy Simms (Kona) and Sue Butler (MonavieCannondale.com) holding on. Lloyd did her best to neutralize the attacks, but it was nonstop from the Luna riders. With less than a lap to go, Nash hit the front, and Lloyd couldn’t respond, and after biding time on Lloyd’s wheel, Gould took off in chase of her teammate. The finishing order was set, with a Luna 1-2. Butler and Simms sprinted but were far back, taking fourth and fifth.

The men’s race followed the same recipe, with Ryan Trebon (Kona) getting the holeshot only to quickly be sandwiched between the two Cannondale / Cyclocross world riders of Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers. Chris Jones (Sonic / Louis Garneau) had a fast start, but faded back and would finish off the podium. Johnson was racing his first race back after his knee injury, and according to wife Lyne Bessette, he was feeling fine. It showed.

Trebon responded to multiple attacks on every lap, and often the leading three was soft-pedaling their ride down the pavement’s finishing stretch.

With just a half lap to go, Johnson led into a slightly downhill left-hand hairpin that led into a tree and was filled with roots. In a moment’s notice, Trebon, who was riding just behind, suffered disaster. His front wheel slipped and he hit the deck. Powers couldn’t avoid the Kona rider and went down too. Both riders got up – Trebon was first to remount and chased Johnson in vain. The national champion seized the chance to put one big effort in to take the race, and it worked.

Meanwhile, Powers pounded his bars in frustration, but wasn’t done. He got back up, and Trebon slid out again, giving Powers a chance at second. He led into the pavement and brought his team a 1-2 finish.

Stay tuned for more photos and a full report and results. To read how it all went down, read our blow-by-blow archive of the live coverage.

Photo Gallery by Joe Sales:

Photo Gallery by Janet Hill:

Full Results:

Elite Men
11JOHNSON TimothyCyclocrossworld CannondaleUSA1:04:42
22POWERS JeremyCyclocrossworld CannondaleUSA1:04:44
33TREBON RyanKonaUSA1:04:44
47ANTHONY JesseTeam Jamis BikesUSA1:05:39
54WELLS ToddTeam GtUSA1:05:43
620SHEPPARD ChrisSanta Cruz/Giro/Easton/CAN1:05:47
718*SUMMERHILL DanielTeam Cliff BarUSA1:06:31
85JACQUES-MAYNES AndySpecialize/KmcUSA1:06:44
911SHRIVER MattUci Ct: The Jittery Joes Pro Cycling TeamUSA1:07:07
1012*WEIGHALL NicholasRad Racing/Hagens BermanUSA1:07:21
1110TIMMERMAN DanReynolds/Swan CyclesUSA1:07:25
1214JONES ChristopherSonic/Louis Garneau/ Jittery JoesUSA1:07:25
138WICKS BarryKonaUSA1:07:47
1415TONKIN ErikKonaUSA1:07:47
1519CAMERON MollyVanilla Bicycles!USA1:08:30
169PARBO JoachimCcv Leopard CyclesDEN1:08:57
1750DECKER CarlGisntUSA1:09:11
1817*SELANDER BjornRidley Factory TeamUSA1:09:29
1925ROBINSON JustinCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpecializedUSA1:09:39
2053PAXSON SpencerTeam S&M/KonaUSA1:10:02
216WELLS TroyTeam Clif BarUSA1:10:02
2231*PETERSON MitchellMonaviecannondale.ComUSA1:10:02
2345*BANNERMAN NathanBicycle Centres – Collision 1USA1:10:02
2421*NOBLE ChanceCalifornia GiantUSA1:10:47
2536WORAS SolomonVanillaUSA1:10:53
2624BRADFORD-PARISH KevinRedline BikesUSA1:11:00
2757*HACKWORTHY DaveRidley Factory TeamUSA1:11:02
2816*MCGRATH AdamVandesselUSA1:11:08
2939*FISHER SteveRad Racing NwUSA1:11:37
3043BLACKWELDER MarkUSA1:11:37
3113STEVENSON RussellRedline BikesUSA1:11:37
3262*THOMPSON EricLees Mcrae CollegeUSA1:11:41
3338PLEWS EvanCapitol Subaru Cycling/ScottusaUSA1:11:44
3422*KAPPIUS BradenClif Bar Development Cross TeamUSA1:12:00
3554*FERGUSON JeremyCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpecializedUSA1:12:00
3660*DALLE ANGELINI GianTeam RedlineUSA1:12:21
3733POPPER BenHrs / Rock LobsterUSA1:12:25
3826BABCOCK SeanTeam S&MUSA1:12:38
3923MACKENZIE DrewStraight Up Cycles/Argon18CAN1:14:26
4048HOLDEN KristopherVertical Earth/RotorUSA-1 Lap
4144PARRISH ChristopherHagens Berman CyclingUSA-1 Lap
4228IDDINGS RyanLapierre UsaUSA-1 Lap
4355CARLILE ScottTai Cycling/Hammer NutritionUSA-1 Lap
4446YEATER DavidRiver City BicyclesUSA-1 Lap
4547LUELLING BrettCapitol Subaru CyclingUSA-1 Lap
4651*BERRY JoshuaTeam BodeUSA-1 Lap
4752BRENNER JosephEschelon EliteUSA-2 Laps
4859WEAVER RyanRiver City BikesUSA-2 Laps
4961FOWLER CraigUbrdo Team ProjectUSA-3 Laps
5035DAAB ZacharyHup UnitedUSA-3 Laps
5149DODGE BenjaminSugarcrmUSA-3 Laps
5258FINN JustinSpooky BikesUSA-4 Laps
Elite Women
12NASH KaterinaLuna Women’S Mtb TeamCZE00:39:41
24GOULD GeorgiaLunaUSA00:39:45
36LLOYD RachelCalifornia Giant Berry FarmsUSA00:39:52
43BUTLER SusanMonaviecannondale.ComUSA00:41:02
51SIMMS WendyKonaCAN00:41:02
67*DOMBROSKI AmyWebcor/Alto VeloUSA00:42:03
719MILLER MeredithCalifornia Giant Berry FarmsUSA00:42:04
85BRUNO ROY MaureenMm Racing P/B Seven CyclesUSA00:42:04
912EMMETT KelliGiant BicyclesUSA00:42:40
1017MAZZA RhondaTeam S&M/Sellwood Cycle RepairUSA00:42:42
1116WILLIAMS WendyRiver City Bicycle TeamUSA00:43:01
1229HOWE BarbaraUnattachedUSA00:43:14
1318VAN METER EmilyRiver City Bicycle TeamUSA00:43:15
1411KERLIN SarahVelo Bella – KonaUSA00:43:57
1513BERG KristiRedline BicyclesUSA00:44:04
1615STUDLEY KariVelo Bella – KonaUSA00:44:10
1710HARLTON PepperJuventus Cycling ClubCAN00:45:19
1824RILEY JadineTeam Group HealthGBR00:45:54
1930PENNINGTON AliceDesalvoUSA00:46:47
2020GIBSON ShannonVelo Bella – KonaUSA00:46:47
2122GUYNUP JoeleIsland Racing Club P/B Robert Cameron LawUSA00:47:01
2221STEWART MariaVelo Bella – KonaUSA00:47:16
2323GAERTNER JenniferTeam Bobs-Bicycles.ComUSA00:47:30
2426MENSHER JoannaGentle LoversUSA00:48:14
2525MYSLIWIEC AngelaAvanti/Ti Cycles Racing TeamUSA-1 Lap
2614SMILEY MarneUSA-1 Lap
2728MILLER LiannaSpikeUSA-1 Lap
DNF8JACQUES-MAYNES JosieCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpecializedUSADNF
Master Men
12WISSINK MichaelSpecializedMI00:47:29
21FELDMAN RichardDurance Cycleworks – Lehman BrothersID00:48:09
34THIBAULT NormanFrontrunnersBC00:48:24
49SCHULZ EirikSpecialized/River City BicyclesOR00:48:31
57BRADWAY ScottTeam S&MOR00:48:31
68MCCAFFREY JohnBicycleattorney.ComOR00:48:44
735MCCLUNG RichardHagens-Berman Llp CyclingWA00:49:18
864BANNINK JeffreyHup UnitedOR00:49:41
95GALLAGHER JonCole SportUT00:49:42
1010DIVINEY DavidCyclepath RacingOR00:50:47
1114GAERTNER MichaelVertical EarthID00:50:47
1254MORSE TUCKER ToddBicycle Centres – Collision 1WA00:50:52
1359EVANS DougOR00:50:54
1468HARRIS ClayRed Rocks VeloCO00:50:54
1555KULLAWAY MaxwellHup United/ 333FabWA00:51:10
166BUTLER TimRiver City BicyclesOR00:51:19
1751STANDISH JeffTherapeutic Associates Cycling TeamOR00:51:24
1815LONG JerryHtfu/Gt BicyclesID00:51:25
1925JORDAN MattHrs/Rock LobsterCA00:51:29
2088LIBERLES JoshuaColavita RacingNM00:51:37
2143KARMAN DavidHagens Berman CyclingWA00:51:40
2213BAKER MartinBicycleattorney.ComOR00:51:37
2372BERG ChadRedline BicyclesWA00:52:02
2434PETTINGER DamonHagens Berman CyclingWA00:52:02
2521MASTORAS MarkActive Athlete/Squadra OvestCA00:52:11
2639QUIRK DanielVeloce/FeltOR00:52:11
2712FLETCHER ShaneVeloce/FeltOR0:52:47
2869OLSON SlateHup UnitedOR0:52:47
2923ANDRIOT BrianKY0:52:52
3027CHRISTENSEN GrahamVertical EarthID0:53:09
3177COLLINS BradSugoiBC0:50:47
3218SMITH LeroiRagnarok RacingWA0:50:47
3379JENSEN SteveBicycle Centers/Collision OneWA0:50:47
3433SALO DavidSecond AscentWA0:50:47
3522DUXBURY AlecGin OpticsWA0:53:29
3624PEDERSEN DavidAltezza 40 RacingCA0:53:39
3729KIGER NathanSecond AscentWA0:53:56
3820SAUTTER ChristopherYakima Bike VigilantesOR0:54:04
3917VOLDENGEN ErikBbc / Bike N’ HikeOR0:54:04
4084BROWN KurtByrneinventWA0:54:11
4180HAUNOLD KarlGsc UnitedOR0:54:14
4257SZWAYA MichaelBicycleattorney.ComOR0:54:28
4358LIMBAUGH JohnChinook Cycling ClubWA0:54:28
4453BARKER ScottOR0:54:36
4547KARET DougCO0:54:39
4661SPEARS BrianHalf Fast VeloOR0:54:41
4776KNOKEY MarkVertical EarthWA0:54:48
4882BLANCO RichardRagnarok RacingWA0:55:02
4948ROLCIK MikeRagnarok RacingWA0:55:07
5070KNEELAND ThomDesalvo Custom CyclesOR0:55:10
5163ANDERSON PaulHalf Fast VeloOR0:55:16
5362GRAVER DougRagnarok RacingWA0:55:23
5489REYNOLDS SeanUnattached0:55:27
5575JONES KennethIntermountain Orthopaedics CyclingID0:55:35
5685HARRIS Derwyn0:55:41
5781MARTIN MichaelGuinness/SunnysideOR0:56:06
5866JACOBS RobertBicycleattorney.ComOR0:56:19
5987OHOTTO Anthony0:56:27
6037JOHNSON JamesSecond AscentWA0:57:27
6173DUDEK JasonSecond AscentWA0:57:48
6267MIKKELSON KarlMt. View CyclesOR0:57:56
6344HUGGINS BillCucina FrescaWA1:01:03
6436HEINZELMAN KeithClassic CycleWA-1 Lap
6526COPELAND RossRagnarok RacingWA-1 Lap
6656KELSEY SeanEvolution RacingPA-1 Lap
6746BROWN ErViking Sport SeattleWA-2 Laps
6871SERNA JustinGuinness CyclingOR-2 Laps
6950ACCETTA AlexTeam BeerOR-3 Laps
7030FRYKMAN BrianGallatin Alpine Sports / IntrinsikMT-3 Laps
7178DOWNS JayWvu HealthcarePA-3 Laps
DNF3REID DouglasVeloce Cycles PortlandWADNF
DNF32BERG KentonCaffe AppassionatoWADNF
DNF38ENDERLE GantCyclepath RacingORDNF
DNF40WHERITY ChrisCollins/SpecializedORDNF
DNF41HEMENWAY DarylGuinness CyclingORDNF
DNF42CRANE BillTeam MomentumORDNF
DNF45THAYER JustinCollins/SpecializedORDNF
DNF52DABBENI PaoloBiciclista.ItORDNF
DNF74HILL MatthewRedline BicyclesWADNF
DNF83ENGEL MattBend Bike And SportORDNF
Junior Men
125*MCDONALD ZachClassic CyclesUSA00:39:38
226*BROWN NathanHot Tubes Development Team Inc.USA00:39:47
312*MANNION GavinHot Tubes Development Cycling Team Inc.USA00:39:52
42*BARKER AndrewClif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross TeamUSA00:39:55
520*EMSKY EricRad Racing NwUSA00:40:04
623*KAISER CodyCalifornia Giant StrawberriesUSA00:40:29
717*ECKMANN RobinTeam 5280 MagazineUSA00:40:31
824*COX CodyClif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross TeamUSA00:40:37
910*TERRY IanRad Racing NwUSA00:41:17
1014*SWEDBERG BenjaminRad Racing NwUSA00:41:36
119*OLEARY ConnorFfkr Architects/Sportsbaseonline.ComUSA00:42:07
121*RYAN MorganTeam CicleUSA00:42:06
133*WATSON-NORRIS GabeRad Racing Hagens Berman LlcUSA00:43:23
1411*CHILENSKI MadisonTeam OregonUSA00:45:09
1522*SWEARINGEN ColtonMt View CyclesUSA00:48:22
1613*HOPKINS JeffWillamette Valley CycleryUSA-1 Lap
1715*STEWART TaylorBicycle Trip Santa CruzUSA-1 Lap
1828*STRAWN KevinW.A.R.USA-1 Lap
1929*MACDONALD DylanBike Trip Santa CruzUSA-2 Laps
204*VANDERSTOEP KyleBike TripUSA-2 Laps
2130*MILAZZO RobbyBicycle TripUSA-2 Laps
2218*KANEG JoshuaBicycle TripUSA-2 Laps
2327*CUTRIGHT ColeOh Boy Oberto/RedlineUSA-2 Laps