You might be stuck watching the final day of a certain off-season training race, but the world of cyclocross doesn’t stop, especially with the season nearing. Here’s a few tidbits of weekend cyclocross news.

Spectacross is less than a week away. We’re curious to see how this unprecedented summer race format and venue pans out. Stay tuned as we bring you full race reports from Ken Getchell’s ambitious experiment next weekend.

Gabby Day with her new recovery drink sponsor, For Goodness Shakes.

Gabby Day with her new recovery drink sponsor, For Goodness Shakes.

British cyclocross rider Gabby Day picked up a new sponsor for the new season, recovery drink company For Goodness Shakes, Britain’s number one sports recovery drink. Day is a cyclocross specialist currently riding as a guest for the Geoff Thomas Foundation Team. She describes her reasoning for her new sponsor. “I always had trouble taking powder based recovery drinks in the past,” she says. “But For Goodness Shakes are made from real food ingredients like milk and fruit and are easy and mild on the stomach, even after strenuous training.”

We’ve caught wind that the Keough brothers of Luke and Nick have picked up sponsorship from Williams Cycling. Williams recently released an affordable cyclocross-specific ‘cross tubular wheel, and we’re curious to see whether the Keough family will be riding that new wheel or Williams’ higher-end, lighter but more pricey carbon tubulars. With rumors of even the oldest Keough brother eying an attempt at a full ‘cross season as well, supplying the whole family may be quite an expenditure.