CYCLOCROSS 2012/2013

by Balint Hamvas

In the third installment of Balint Hamvas’s cyclocross coffee table book, it’s not all about Europe anymore. This book covers the 2012-2013 season, featuring all eight legs of the World Cup as well as all Superprestige and GVA trophy races, plus Scheldecross, Druivencross and the historical World Championships in the US in Louisville.

The photography is amazing, with interesting angles and insider views of the races. One of the best sets is the one where Hamvas juxtaposes race footage with photos of the courses after the races are over and the course tape is down. And while the book is more focused on the photos than the text, there are some great short pieces written by Simon Burney, Dan Seaton, Mattio Montesano, Caroline Caroliens and Stefan Wyman, on all aspects of the sport. Just when it seems like race photos are becoming a bit tedious, Hamvas changes it up with a chapter dedicated to following Jeremy Powers as he prepares for Worlds, which is perfect to break up the occasional monotony of race photography.

You can pre-order Hamvas’s book here.