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Hands off! It's mid-day and someone is already so drunk he can't spell.

Hands off! It's mid-day and someone is already so drunk he can't spell.

True cyclocross weather greeted singlespeeders with a heavy rain on Day 1 of the SSCXWC09. Saturday’s festivities featured a “qualifier” ride starting at Chris King’s headquarters. Unlike previous years, where a prologue time trial selected the lucky finalists for the “main event,” this year all 250 participants will flood the course for some mud and over-the-top (even for Portland) debauchery.

San Francisco’s and Seattle’s participants huddled out of the rain before the ride to plan their strategy on how to win the debate, the race, and the gladiator battle to bring next year’s event home. Despite their serious mission, many were tempted by the weekend’s beveration (pictured above) that was clearly off-limits at the time.  But someone must have been drinking already, as cyclocross was mispelled. (Never fear – we corrected the error in our image for your viewing pleasure.)

Stay tuned for a lot more coverage, which might just include a bit of racing. SSCXWC07 was a blast and SSCXWC08 was a spectacle. 2009, being the Portland Singlespeed Collective’s last year hosting the event, promises to be a full-blown party.

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