The Pool of Filth proved to be a suprisingly refershing obstacle for some. SSCXWC 2011. © Tim Westmore

The Pool of Filth proved to be a surprisingly refreshing obstacle for some back at SSCXWC 2011. © Tim Westmore

We got exclusive confirmation that Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships will be held on Sunday, December 8 this year. The SSCXWC venue is in Philadelphia, while the famed Philadelphia Bilenky Junkyard Cross race will be on Saturday, December 7. Will the current SSCX Champions Mical Dyck and Adam Craig return to hang on to their titles? Or will an East Coast racer finally take the win?

Either way, one this is for sure. As the promoter phrased it, the races will certainly make for the “most deranged weekend in unsanctioned cyclocross history.”

Bilenky Junkyard Cross

“Mud, glass, blood, scrap metal, madness, and mmmmm…beer. All for the incredible low price of $20. (tetanus shot not included) (seriously, make sure your tetanus shot is up to date)” [Editor’s Note: they are really not kidding. Please get your tetanus shot beforehand.]

10am-4pm (schedule TBD based on entrants)
Classes: Men’s A, Men’s B, Women’s, Freak Bike, SSCX

There will be heats for each class, and the finals for each at the end of the day.

SSCXWC QUALIFICATION NOTIFICATION: The top 20 (or so) SSCX finishers will automatically qualify for Sunday’s Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships! You’re taking a risk by not doing the regular official qualifier ride Saturday. So you deserve a reward. Though you also get the reward of a full day in the Junkyard. Some people would call that a “win-win.” Those people should stop saying that.

Registration is now open here.


Friday, Dec. 6th:

  • Group Rides: There will be a number of locals leading scenic, and underground, rides around Philly. Times and meeting points will be listed on our web site. Some will be in the daylight. Some will go deep into the night. None are mandatory, but all will be fun.
  • SSCXWC Registration Pickup / Art Show: Get all the info, swag and officialness while you party with your pinky out at the Keswick Cycle in University City from 6-9pm. After-Party options will be listed on the web site.

Saturday, Dec. 7th:

  • SSCXWC Qualifiers and/or Bilenky Junkyard Cross: Morning/Afternoon
  • SSCXWC Party and Last-Chance Qualifier empowered by Stoudts Brewing Co. /// JB Mountain Bikes Racing! (Time and Locale TBD)

Sunday, Dec. 8th: SSCXWC Races at the Belmont Plateau

  • 11am: “Everyone’s A Winner” (45 minutes)
  • Noon: Men’s SSCXWC (45 minutes)
  • 1pm: Women’s SSCXWC (45 minutes)
  • 6-9pm, Moshulu: SSCXWC Awards, Swag, “Who’s Got Next?” Party

Q: “What if I don’t qualify for the SSCXWC race?”
A: Congratulations. You’re in the “Everyone’s A Winner” race on Sunday. Same course. Same hinjinx. And you get to start partying earlier. #WinTheDay

Registration is now open here.