Mother Nature Decided to Make Spooky Cross Extra Spooky © Corey J Keizer

Mother Nature Decided to Make Spooky Cross Extra Spooky © Corey J Keizer

Irvine, CA – The long week of rains gave Southern California a dose of real ’cross racing this week for the Third Annual Spooky Cross, Round 5 of the SoCalCross Prestige Series presented by H2O Overdrive. There was something for everyone during this night of festivities. With 500 participants from children, to dogs, to top European professional road racers, this year’s Spooky Cross set a new record. Pro Tour racer Chris Horner tested his road fitness against MTB Olympian Sid Taberlay and multi-time 4-cross MTB world champion Brian Lopes.

The event started with the first ever Kids & Canines Costume Race. The canines joined in to make the circus complete. From there the kids headed off to carve pumpkins and the top three were chosen to sit on the Spooky Cross podium blocks! But, as the skies darkened and the moisture filled the air, the Spooky Cross course went from a sticky course of long straights and few technical sections, to a slick mess that challenged racers through the night. As the moon came out, so did the freaks of the costume race, smoke machines and hard-hitting action of the Elite racers as they slid around the greasy course.

Elite Women:

The women saw the return of Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co. Twenty12) to the local seen this week as she has taken a little break from the bike after a long road season to recharge her batteries for ’cross. And it showed once the gun fired. From the first turn it was the youngest in the Elite field, Alexis Ryan (Team SoCalCross), who took the holeshot and cranked out the lead pace. Rivera stayed patient in second with Alexis leading the way. There was a strong group of six women together. Through the first barrier there was some commotion and the SDG Factory rider Amanda Schaper dropped her chain after being tangled by riders through the hurdles. Alexis held the lead and the group was down to five while Schaper worked hard to get back on.

Rivera said, “After the first lap, I had an instinct to take the front, so I attacked and weaved my way around the course.” After a while she finally looked back to see it was just Megan Elliot (Black MTN Cycles) behind her with Kendall Ryan (Team SoCalCross) not too far back. Rivera held her pace and was focused, sprinting out of every corner and carrying her speed through each lap. With three laps to go, Elliot took the lead until they passed through the start/finish, and Rivera made her move on the road to take the lead again. She was putting the pressure on and all she had to do at this point was make the fewest mistakes and continue to flow around the course. One to go, Rivera was still on the front and held it for her first win of the season. Elliot took a comfortable second, with Kendall Ryan third, Alexis Ryan fourth, and Allison Mann (Rock N’ Road) rolling in to round out the top five.

Elite Men:

From the start it was the two most talented bike handlers in the field, Sid Taberlay (Sho-Air) and Brian Lopes (Ibis/Oakley), railing their way through the first corner with a large group of hungry riders chasing through the slop. Gary Douville (Platinum) took the lead on the first lap and set the pace for the first two. The crowd was looking for Chris Horner (RadioShack), but the messy conditions left him tangling with riders as he worked his way toward the front. Douville continued his charge leading a group of 10 off the front, and people were going nuts for junior Morgan Ryan (Team SoCalCross) as he was comfortably riding in the lead group.

Taberlay and Lopes passed through the third lap with Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific-B&L) in third as Douville dropped back from the huge effort. On lap four, Horner was riding to the front group and he passed Taberley and Lopes for the lead. The effort was impressive, and he did not stop. Horner was continuing to smash the pedals, opening a huge gap that stuck to the finish. Taberlay tried to close the gap leading the chase with Lopes in tow. But, Lopes would not leave his wheel as he was holding on for the solid finish. The two rode in for second and third. In the last two laps Brandon Gritters (Rock N’ Road) came off the back of Prenzlow as he attacked on a muddy run-up and was able to hold off Gritters for the remainder of the race, giving Prenzlow fourth with Gritters rounding out the top five.


Full Results:

Men 1/2/3
PosNo.NameClub/TeamClassLapsTotal TmDiff
115Christopher HORNERTeam RadioShackMen Cat 1/2956:41.6
229Sid TABERLAYSho-Air/SpecializedMen Cat 1/2956:55.013.386
369Brian LopesMen Cat 1/2956:56.715.069
421Brent PRENZLOWCELO PACIFIC / B&LMen Cat 1/2957:19.237.566
543Brandon GrittersRock N RoadMen Cat 1/2957:31.049.366
625Morgan RYANMen Cat 1/2957:47.301:05.7
71John BAILEYBailey BikesMen Cat 1/2958:10.901:29.4
83John BEHRENSBailey BikesMen Cat 1/2958:15.001:33.4
947Anton PetrovSDG FactoryMen Cat 1/2959:01.902:20.3
1049Kyle GrittersRock N RoadMen Cat 1/2959:18.202:36.6
117Eric COLTONThe TEAMMen Cat 1/2959:31.102:49.5
129Gary DOUVILLEMen Cat 1/2959:39.902:58.3
1362Mark NobleFrancoMen Cat 1/2900:06.203:24.6
1440James WalshB&L Bikes/Celo PacificMen Cat 1/2900:33.203:51.6
155Frederick BOTTGERSDG Factory TeamMen Cat 1/2900:38.303:56.7
1639Oliver HutchinsonHelensMen Cat 3901:24.104:42.5
1754Cody PhillipsShoAirMen Cat 3901:30.104:48.5
1827Jason SIEGLEBike ReligionMen Cat 1/2902:06.105:24.5
1942Doug BarnettCamarillo Bike Co.Men Cat 1/2902:07.305:25.7
2065Lance VoylesGiantMen Cat 3902:28.205:46.7
214Ben BERTIGERMen Cat 3902:29.505:48.0
2235Alex DarvilleEchelon Santa BarbaraMen Cat 3902:36.905:55.3
2361Chance NobleCa Giant SpecializedMen Cat 1/2902:42.906:01.3
2463Eric ChristensonSDG Factory TeamMen Cat 1/2902:43.706:02.1
2544Ryan WeegerCelo PacificMen Cat 3903:01.906:20.3
2631Ted WILLARDMen Cat 1/2
2726David SHEEKSDG FactoryMen Cat 1/2903:31.406:49.8
2880Men Cat 3903:31.706:50.1
2955Vu LeMen Cat 3
3041Colby WeberMetal MtnMen Cat 1/2857:00.61 Lap
3136Timothy SPARKSMETAL MTNMen Cat 1/2857:00.91 Lap
3267Men Cat 3857:07.41 Lap
3330Griffith VERTICANBear Valley BikesMen Cat 3857:09.01 Lap
3450Alex BoonePabloveMen Cat 1/2857:13.31 Lap
3581Garnet VerticanMen Cat 1/2857:30.11 Lap
3670John VanDykeMen Cat 3
3764Dean LihouMudfootMen Cat 3DNF
3820Jett PINKMen Cat 1/2
3946Matt SnowSurf City CycleryMen Cat 3858:42.71 Lap
4018Bryan KWANMen Cat 3859:05.41 Lap
4134Andrew DickinsonCelo PacificMen Cat 1/2859:05.71 Lap
4251Philip MonellTrekMen Cat 3859:16.41 Lap
4348Jay KuThe TEAMMen Cat 3859:51.81 Lap
442Christopher BASSETTMafia RacingMen Cat 3859:55.61 Lap
4513Jason HARDYI Beer LAMen Cat 3800:06.61 Lap
4659Roger RillingStollerMen Cat 1/2800:13.21 Lap
4719Ryan MERLINMen Cat 3800:14.11 Lap
4837Dan BreyerCelo Pacific / Focus BikesMen Cat 3800:43.41 Lap
4960TJ FerraraAbove CategoryMen Cat 3800:52.41 Lap
5052Nick DucharmeMafia RacingMen Cat 3800:55.41 Lap
5156Jeffrey DoJenson USAMen Cat 3801:19.91 Lap
5232Christopher WOODRUFFCICLEMen Cat 3801:59.81 Lap
5345Andrew JuskeitsGiant BicycleMen Cat 3802:06.31 Lap
5453Justin Anderson1 Beer LMen Cat 3802:19.81 Lap
556Mark COLTONTeam C.I.C.L.EMen Cat 3802:33.11 Lap
5628Matt SMITHSan Diego State UniversityMen Cat 3802:42.61 Lap
5733Eric BiermanMen Cat 1/2802:45.51 Lap
5822Christopher QUIGLEYRitte Van VlaanderenMen Cat 3
5958Fritz WhiteTwo Wheels One PlanetMen Cat 3756:46.92 Laps
6038Doug HallThe TEAM – SoCalCrossMen Cat 3756:57.42 Laps
6112Radford HALLMANUSC TriathlonMen Cat 3757:36.52 Laps
6214Kenneth HILLTEam SC VeloMen Cat 3757:51.02 Laps
6323Adam RAKUNASTTS RacingMen Cat 3659:35.53 Laps
6417Sean KNEALEMen Cat 3704:55.02 Laps
Women 1/2/3
PosNo.NameClub/TeamClassLapsTotal TmDiff
1127Coryn RIVERAPeanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12Women Cat 1/2535:17.9
2124Megan ELLIOTTBlack Mountain BicyclesWomen Cat 1/2535:47.029.042
3129Kendall RYANTeam CICLEWomen Cat 1/2536:11.553.535
4128Alexis RYANThe TEAM – SoCalCrossWomen Cat 1/2536:29.101:11.2
5142Allison MannRock N RoadWomen Cat 1/2536:46.501:28.6
6130Amanda SCHAPERSDG FactoryWomen Cat 1/2537:07.301:49.4
7125Nancy KLINGERWomen Cat 3537:23.802:05.9
8136Christina ProbertThe TEAM – SoCalCrossWomen Cat 1/2538:12.102:54.1
9135Jill SisamisTeam DukeWomen Cat 3538:58.703:40.8
10139Meghan BladesGiantWomen Cat 3538:58.903:41.0
11134Sarah BrodskyBicycle Johns Serious CyclingWomen Cat 3539:13.403:55.5
12132Dorothy WONGThe TEAM SoCalCrossWomen Cat 1/2539:39.404:21.5
13131Rebecca SIEGELThe TeamWomen Cat 3540:13.504:55.5
14138Beatriz RodriguezSC VeloWomen Cat 1/2541:36.306:18.3
15141Brooke WarnerWomen Cat 3543:13.507:55.5
16137Anna DvorakBear Valley BikeWomen Cat 3435:37.41 Lap
17143Kim KiunkeThe TEAM – SoCalCrossWomen Cat 3435:55.31 Lap
18133Virginia ClarkWomen Cat 3436:53.71 Lap
19126Annette PADILLAWomen Cat 1/2440:15.21 Lap
20126Annette PadilleCelo PacificWomen Cat 1/2