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2012 Cyclocross National Championships, Masters Women 35-39. © Tim Westmore

2012 Cyclocross National Championships, Masters Women 35-39. © Tim Westmore

by Ted Burns

Ready to go: 2012 Cyclocross National Championships Masters Women 35-39. © Cyclocross Magazine

Ready to go: 2012 Cyclocross National Championships Masters Women 35-39. © Cyclocross Magazine

VERONA, WISCONSIN— Sally Annis (cyclocrossresults.com), the top seed in the Women’s 35-39 National Championship race today, used a quick start to grab the hole shot, and halfway through the first lap she had put nearly 30 seconds on her closest competitors. Despite no serious pressure from behind, Annis had the gas on full throttle the entire race “On this course, a couple of mistakes and your lead is gone,” said Annis about her decision to ride hard the entire race.

The course’s main hill had become unrideable, and the 35-39 women opted to carry their bikes every turn.  “It was sloppy out there; there were times I felt like I was going backwards,” said Annis. “But man it was tough getting traction, and keeping forward momentum at times.”

Annis continued her domination through the race, pitting every lap early on in order to get her tire pressure dialed in, and then twice on the last lap. Heavy, drying mud had replaced the grass and ice of earlier races, and that mud clotted bikes, turning them into immobile tanks.

Corey Coogan just missed the podium, racing to 4th place.  ©Tim Westmore

Corey Coogan just missed the podium, racing to 4th place. ©Tim Westmore

The race for second was a heated battle between Corey Coogan Cisek (Minneapolis, MN), Kristal Boni (Rapid Racing), and Nicole Borem (Men of Steel Racing LLC). Cisek held the spot the entire race, but with one lap to go she ran into trouble and Boni took the place briefly before Borem passed her as the duo entered the soccer field.

Borem’s advantage was short lived as Boni was able to reel her back on the hill and then take a a few second lead going up the stairs. It was just enough time for Boni to grab a clean bike for the last half lap and stay in front of Borem for the remainder of the race and hold onto second place.

For Borem it was a true Hoosier comeback story. A registered nurse, Borem found herself in the ICU seven months ago with a coronary embolism. The last several months have been a strict regimen to get her back into racing shape just in time for 2012 Nationals and Worlds. While Borem didn’t walk away the winner in Madison, she demonstrated the grit and fire that makes cyclocross one of the fastest growing sports in the US.

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Interview with Sally Annis:

Masters Women 35-39 Cyclocross National Championship 2012

1Sally ANNIS (1 - Cat1)Nashua, NH50:11:00276crossresults.com/crossresults.com p/b JRA Cycles
2Kristal BONI (1 - Cat2)Erie, CO52:10:00285Rapid Racing
3Nicole BOREM (2 - Cat1)Warsaw, IN52:30:00282OCD Cycling/Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
4Corey COOGAN CISEK (3 - Cat1)Minneapolis, MN52:41:00292
5Kristin WEBER (4 - Cat1)Boulder, CO53:05:00287Boulder Cycle Sport
6Kelly FISHER-GOODWIN (5 - Cat1)Langley Afb, VA54:19:00284KCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge Tires
7Lisa HUDSON (6 - Cat1)Golden, CO54:21:00275Feedback Sports Racing
8Jennifer GAERTNER (7 - Cat1)Coeur D Alene, ID58:37:00288Coeur d 'Alene Velo Racers (CDAVR)
9Alice DROBNA (1 - Cat3)Bend, OR1:02:26281WebCyclery Racing/WebCyclery.com
10Kimberly THOMAS (2 - Cat2)Belmont, MI1:03:44280Fusion Cycling Team/Fusion IT
11Shannon GREENHILL (2 - Cat3)Atlanta, GA1:05:32291Peachtree Bikes
12Gina KENNY (3 - Cat3)Orland Park, IL1:06:48294PSIMET Racing
13Anne CHEENEYDurango, CO1:07:52293Durango Devo
14Heather CURNUTT (4 - Cat3)Madison, WI.@1LAP279Brazen Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
15Tamara CABALU (5 - Cat3)Philadelphia, PA.@1LAP278Campanohvac/Breakawaybikes.com
16Amanda MCNABB (6 - Cat3)Lynnwood, WA.@1LAP283Sound Velo Cycling Club/Team Group Health
DNSAnnaJean DALLAIRELouisville, KY295
DNSDarcy SANFORDNorth Liberty, IA289Iowa City Cycling Club
DNFClaire PETTERSENMadison, WI290Magnus
DNFMelanie GLENNPhiladelphia, PA286Campanohvac/Breakawaybikes.com

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