Stair-Hopping Superstar: Cody “The Kid” Kaiser Explains His Technique and Newfound Fame

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Cody Kaiser hopped the stairs at the 2014 Cyclocross National Champonships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Cody Kaiser hopped the stairs at the 2014 Cyclocross National Champonships. © Cyclocross Magazine

After wowing the world with his no-pedaling, stair-hopping ability during the U23 race at the 2014 Cyclocross National Championships [See our video of Cody Kaiser hopping them here, or on our Facebook post here], we caught up with Kaiser to alert him to his new-found fame, and learn more about this gravity-defying feat.

“I actually haven’t even set foot on those steps, and I was pretty proud of that,” Kaiser told Cyclocross Magazine. “I’m sure it looked it looked I was humping the bike, but it was great, I was rolling through, I felt great, I felt confident, [it was] easier than running, and everyone said it was as fast.”

When asked what people need to do to try to pull off such a feat, Kaiser said, “Start slow. Start Real Slow.”

Cody explains what you need to do to become famous in the video below.

Video: Cody Kaiser Explains His Newfound Fame:


What’s this stair hopping we’re talking about? Watch the full video of Cody Kaiser hopping the stairs here.



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Nice interview! Commentary on live feed by @dopersuck said actually faster riding those stairs than running. Some dude posted to twitter feed about 0.3 sec

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