We’ve received preliminary schedules from two major regional series, the Bay Area Super Prestige series and the Chicago Cross Cup series, via our online submission form for our 2009 calendar. It’s not too late to get your race, series, or clinic in our calendar before it goes live! Just fill out our easy self-service online form here.

Bay Area Super Prestige:

  1. 10/4/2009 McLaren Park, San Francisco
  2. 10/24/2009 CandleStick State Rec Area, San Francisco
  3. 10/25/2009 CandleStick State Rec Area, San Francisco
  4. 11/14/2009  Sierra Point, San Francisco
  5. 11/29/2009 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
  6. 12/6/2009 CCCP CycloCross @ Coyote Point, Coyote Point, San Mateo

Chicago Cross Cup:

  1. 9/20/2009 Jackson Park Cyclocross Chicago
  2. 10/4/2009 Hopkins Park Cyclocross DeKalb
  3. 10/11/2009 Hawthorn Woods Cyclocross Vernon Hills
  4. 10/18/2009 Carpenter Park Cyclocross Carpentersville
  5. 10/25/2009 ABD Sunrise Park Cyclocross Bartlett
  6. 11/1/2009 Campton Cross St.Charles
  7. 11/8/2009 Northbrook Cyclocross Northbrook
  8. 11/15/2009 South Chicago Wheelmen Cross Indian Lake
  9. 11/22/2009 Woodstock Cross Woodstock
  10. 12/6/2009 Illinois State Cyclocross Championship at Montrose Chicago