Season 4 kicks into high gear, as Behind THE Barriers heads to Waterloo, Wisconsin, and, for the first time, the show goes behind the scenes with a different racer, Trek Cyclocross Collective’s Ellen Noble! Ellen Noble is one of the country’s biggest up and coming talents, having won the 2013 U.S. Junior Women’s National Championship. Ellen may be from Maine, but the Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup is her de facto home race, as Ellen is a member of the Trek Cyclocross Collective team. The weekend’s course was fast, bumpy and dry, and Ellen rode an impressive race on Saturday to finish ninth, and repeated the feat on Sunday. In between the races, Behind THE Barriers learns just what makes Ellen go, and what it’s like to be one of the rising stars in not only American cyclocross, but in cyclocross around the world. From getting lost heading to and from the course, to getting a crash course in making sushi, Ellen Noble is shaping up to be a star not only of tomorrow, but of today!
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