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Going Tubeless for Cyclocross – Avoiding the Burp, Choosing the Best Tires, and a DIY System (Updated, Part III)

Going tubeless for cyclocross is an attractive option for anyone tired of pinch-flatting clinchers or gluing and re-gluing (or flatting) expensive tubulars. Cyclocross Magazine has …

Going Tubeless in Cyclocross – Part I

It’s officially the offseason, and now’s the perfect time to experiment with your equipment and make upgrades before next season. And with the tough economic …

Going Tubeless in Cyclocross – Part II

In our Part II of our series on riding tubeless tires for cyclocross, you’ll learn how to convert your current wheels for tubeless, install sealant, …

Vittoria Air-Liner Gravel Tubeless Tire Insert Review – What’s the Difference: Part 3

In our ongoing series of reviewing tire inserts, we bought a Vittoria Airliner to compare to our other reviewed inserts. See how it compares to Cushcore, Tannus and our DIY system.

Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubeless Wheels Shed Weight, Dive Into Shallower, Wider Territory

Shallower, wider, lighter and tubeless tires only – Zipp’s 303 Firecrest tubeless wheelset has been redesigned. Our first impressions for gravel and ‘cross.

Reviewed: Michelin’s Green Power Cyclocross Mud Tubeless Tire

20 years after its debut, the green Michelin Mud cyclocross clincher is back. Was it worth the wait? We put it to the test.

Review: CushCore Gravel/CX Tubeless Foam Insert

The CushCore Gravel/CX insert allows you to run lower tubeless pressures, and it provides sidewall support. Does the cush insert provide a posh ride?

Panaracer Unveils New ‘+’ Casing, Tubeless Sealant and New (Old) Gravel Treads – 2019 Sea Otter Classic

Panaracer used the 2019 Sea Otter Classic to unveil a new ‘+’ casing, tubeless sealant and gravel versions of old tires. We look at the new gravel products.

Going Fahr: Rebecca Fahringer Continues Her Journey from ’Cross Newb to One of the Best

Rebecca Fahringer first raced cyclocross in 2013, and in 2019, she is now one of the best racers in the U.S. We profile her journey from newb to star.

Tubeless Tires Are Rolling to Podiums on the Domestic Professional ‘Cross Landscape

Tubeless tires are having a good year with the Squid, Pivot/Maxxis and Garneau-Easton teams riding them. We look at the how and why of their success.

Goodyear Goes Cycling with Tubeless County and Connector Gravel Tires – 2018 Sea Otter

Goodyear Tires is returning to its roots with new tubeless-ready bicycle tires. We look at the 35mm County and 40mm Connector gravel treads.

Challenge Goes Tubeless for Gravel, Adds More Volume to Gravel Tubulars – 2018 Sea Otter

Challenge Tires is going tubeless for the 2019 model year with its Strada Bianca and Gravel Grinder. It is also offering high-volume tubular versions of the Dune and other treads.

Nationals Bike: Jake Wells’ Converted Singlespeed-Winning Scott Sports Addict CX With Stan’s Valor Tubeless Wheels

Jake Wells converted his Scott Addict CX to a tubeless singlespeed setup and won the 2018 Singlespeed Cyclocross Nationals in Reno. We take a closer look at his winning build.

Pro Bike Profile: Rebecca Fahringer’s Scott Addict CX Goes Tubeless with Stan’s NoTubes and Maxxis

Rebecca Fahringer is riding the new Scott Addict CX for her Stan’s NoTubes p/b Maxxis team this year. We profiled her bike equipped with Stan’s NoTubes Valor rims and Maxxis tubeless tires at Jingle Cross.

Mechanical Monday: Comparing Tubeless Tire Valves

Reliable tubeless tire setups require attention to the little details, including oft-neglected tubeless valves. We compare different takes on the tubeless valve from Orange Seal, Boyd, American Classic, Slime and more.

New Tire Spotlight: Ritchey’s 40mm Speedmax Tubeless Cyclocross / Gravel Tire

Ritchey has unveiled a new WCS tubeless casing version of its fast-rolling 40mm Speedmax cyclocross/gravel tire. We take a close-up look with first ride impressions.

In Review: Crankbrothers Zinc 3 Tubeless-Friendly Rims Provide Cure for Burps and Blowouts

The Zinc 3 is Crankbrothers’ first cyclocross/gravel-specific wheel. We found a wheelset with reliable tubeless rims and study design for off-road riding.

Tested: Knight Composites 29 Race / Gravel Tubeless Wheelset

A high-end carbon lightweight wheelset just for gravel racing? We were skeptical, and put the Knight Composites 29 Gravel / Race wheels to the test in cyclocross, trail riding and dirt road cruising.

Interview: Kerry Werner – Chasing a Fourth Nationals Title, with an Eye on Europe, Tubeless Tires and a Tandem Ride

As we near the start of the 2017 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Hartford, Connecticut, we’ve got a series of interviews with Nationals racers …

New Tire Spotlight: Ritchey Megabite 38c Tubeless – The Return of the Mount Cross

At Sea Otter 2015, I spent a few minutes with Tom Ritchey at the Scott Addict CX launch. We exchanged pleasantries, and then I wasted …

Review: Compass Cycles’ Bon Jon Pass Extralight Tubeless Gravel Tire – Updated

After several months of testing, we’ve got our full review of the Compass Cycles’ Bon Jon Pass Extralight 35c gravel tire.

Wheelin’ & Dealin’: Do-It-All Disc Brake Tubeless Wheels

In Issue 30 we looked at the go-anywhere disc brake tubeless wheel options seen here. These wheelsets are easily swapped between bikes or help extend the versatility and performance of a single rig.

Wednesday Wonderings: What’s the Best Tubeless Cyclocross Tire?

Defining the “best” of anything is a difficult, if not impossible task. This is particularly true with cyclocross equipment choices. Still, given the important role tires play in ‘cross we often get asked the question of what the best tire is for a given rider or set of conditions.

New Product Spotlight: Clement BOS Tubeless Cyclocross Tire

The Clement BOS tubeless tire is in our hands and should prove a good option for those riding mud, loose surfaces and mixed terrain.

Clement Adds Tubeless MSO, MXP and PDX Tires, New BOS Mud Tread, Gravel Options

Vittoria Unveils New Adventure Trail Tubeless Gravel Tire

Off to the side, in the rougher, unexplored outskirts of Vittoria’s tent at Interbike’s Outdoor Demo, we found a new gravel tire that appeared content …

Mechanical Monday: Cutting through the 15 Myths of Tubeless Tires

Myth One: “Tubeless doesn’t work.” Tubeless is proven for mountain biking and was adapted for cyclocross racing as early as 2006. Though it took some …

American Classic Hurricane: 2015 Editors’ Award for Best Affordable Tubeless Wheelset

One of the annual traditions of Cyclocross Magazine is reflecting back on a year filled with reviewing products and award those that struck us as …

Reynolds Embraces Tubeless and Disc Brakes for Carbon Cyclocross and Road Wheels – Interbike 2014

At Winter Press Camp 2014, we got a first look at Reynold’s plan to dive into disc brakes, and then in July, we got a …

First Look: Maxxis Mud Wrestler TR Tubeless Cyclocross Tire

The growing population of tubeless cyclocross racers now have another tire option from Maxxis, adding to a constantly-growing list of tire companies supporting the tubeless movement …

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