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Make Your Wheels Roll Faster for ’Cross: From Inner Tubes to Tires to DIY Tubeless

Want to upgrade your wheels without dropping cash on a whole new wheelset, or not ready to go to tubulars? There are a few cost-friendly …

Something for Everyone: American Classic Aims to Please with New Tubeless, Tubular, Disc and Rim Brake ’Cross Wheels

American Classic is billing itself as the leader in tubeless technology. Perhaps you’ve seen the Robert Role commercials (where he mentions “even cyclocross” — see bottom …

WTB Gets It, Ignores UCI Rules with New Cross Boss 35c Tubeless Tire

Finally tire companies are starting to get it. We’ve been shouting for years that 99% of clincher and tubeless racers don’t race UCI races, don’t …

WTB’s Cross Wolf Tire Takes a ChrisCross Path to Tubeless – Cyclocross at Interbike 2013

We at Cyclocross Magazine declare 2013 to be the year of cyclocross tubeless tires and wheels. Had a bad experience, or heard it doesn’t work? …

NoTubes Adds Five New Cyclocross Disc Tubeless Wheelsets for 2013/2014 Season

NoTubes revealed new cyclocross disc brake wheelsets and updates to pre-existing wheelsets today at PressCamp, and the wheels themselves will be available by mid-August. Disc …

Tire Review: Hutchinson Bulldog CX Tubeless Ready Cyclocross Tire Review

n Transitions, the ’cross movie, we witness former pro and former Hutchinson guy Marc Gullickson clipping some of the knobs off his old Hutchinson clincher before a race to get ready for the “peanut butter” mud he expects to encounter. Perhaps the Bulldog is the type of tire he was trying to create at the time.

Ridden and Reviewed: Nukeproof Digger Adventure Gravel Bike

Looking for something different in a gravel or adventure bike? We put the Nukeproof Digger to the test. See if it’s the bike for you.

Road to Kanza: Mark Symns Readies for the Flint Hills After Some Good Fortune

Mark Symns is headed to the 2019 Dirty Kanza 200 thanks to some good fortune. Now, he has to prepare for the famed 200-mile gravel event.

Cyclogroad Bike: Kevin Bouchard-Hall’s One S-Works CruX to Rule Them All

Kevin Bouchard-Hall has long had a “one bike to rule them all” ethos. His latest is an S-Works CruX he uses for cyclocross, road and gravel. We take a look.

In Review: Van Dessel’s Country Road Bob Singlespeed Cyclocross / Gravel Bike is Back

The iconic Van Dessel Country Road Bob singlespeed is back with modern amenities on a classic design. We take a first look at the rebooted cyclocross / gravel bike.

Q and Fn A: Worlds Silver Medalist Katie Compton Answers Readers’ Questions

Readers submitted questions for Katie Compton, and the 2018 Cyclocross Worlds medalist and 14-time national champion answers them in this Q and Fn A. Hear her thoughts on a wide range of topics CXM readers wanted to know about.

Essential Gear and New Offerings From SKS

While at Magura Ride Camp, we saw some of SKS’ latest offerings. If you’re wondering why SKS’ German-made offerings were on show it’s because Magura USA partners with other German companies for its Press Camp.

New Products on Show at Sea Otter – Ryde Rims, KMC Chains, Kool Stop Pads, Mavic Shoes and Lezyne Tools

It’s not just new bikes, but new products also at the 2016 Sea Otter Classic. here we take a quick look at new rims from Ryde, chains from KMC, brake pads from Kool Stop, tools from Lezyne and shoes from Mavic.

VeloSport Imports New Product Offerings, Part 1 – Brake Force One, German:A and Alchemist Components Aimed at Gravel Lovers

Velosport Imports has an array of new product offerings, some of which we saw at NAHBS this year, and all of which are likely to appeal to the gravel riding and racing crowd.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Cyclists or Cyclocrossers – Gift Guide Part 2

Get it Now: Digital Subscriptions to Cyclocross Magazine Forget traffic, crowds, or waiting for shipping. Give a digital subscription to Cyclocross Magazine to the cyclocrosser or …

Getting Ready for Gravel: My Quest for the Ultimate Dirty Kanza Half Pint Bike

Andrew Vontz is our new gravel-grinder addict and contributing writer, and is prepping for Dirty Kanza Half Pint glory. Today, he’s showing us what exactly …

Never Tired of Tires: More from Challenge, Vittoria and Vee Rubber

by Clifford Lee At Sea Otter a couple weeks ago, we learned of a few developments in the tire department from several companies regarding cyclocross. …

Cyclocross Magazine Editors’ Awards: 2012/2013 Season

As we headed into the off-season after one of the most exciting, ground-breaking seasons to date, for Issue 20, we took a look at the …

Steve Tilford Takes Second World Championships in Master Men 50-54 – Updated: Tilford, Lawrence and Shogren Interviews

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – As the sun came out, briefly calming the snow flurries and giving a welcome moment of warmth to the racers, current National Champion …

Hutchinson Expands Cyclocross Tire Line with Tubulars, Mamba Tread – Interbike 2012

France’s Hutchinson SA tire company has been hard at work updating and modifying its cyclocross tire lineup in recent years, and the introductions have been …

Mechanical Monday: It’s All About the Tires

It’s June, so the cyclocross season is less than three months away. That means it’s time to start thinking about what wheels and tires you’ll …

Cyclocross Wheel Review: Revolution Wheelworks Rev-33X Carbon Tubular Wheelset

Most serious cyclocrossers eventually move from clinchers to tubular tires (or tubeless) to take advantage of the faster speeds of low-pressure tires with less pinch …

Tire Review: Clement LAS Semislick Cyclocross Clincher

Clement made its return to tires and cyclocross in 2010 with the new PDX and LAS cyclocross clinchers. PDX, of course, is the airport code for Portland, and LAS the code for Las Vegas. As one might guess, the LAS is designed for gamblers, and the PDX is designed for bike commuters.

Tire Review: Panaracer CrossBlaster Cyclocross Tire

Like the Cinder-X, the CrossBlaster has a versatile tread that does well on all types of terrain, but its narrower width handles grass better than its bigger brother.

This Week on Cyclocross Magazine: June 13

by Molly Hurford Want to know what to look for on Cyclocross Magazine this week? Worried you might have missed something last week? Fear not, …

Bike Review: Redline Conquest Team Cyclocross Bike

Redline shows off its cyclocross expertise with a race-ready spec on the aluminum Conquest Team.

Cyclocross is Spoken Here: Cyclepath, Portland

Here’s another in our series of articles that dig a little deeper to find the unique and great cyclocross shops out there. With the USGP …

2023: Cyclocross and Gravel Gear We’ve Been Loving

We ride and review a lot of products, but we’re not always on the latest and greatest. See some of our fave items that we’ve spent a lot of 2023 on.

Ridden and Reviewed: Bombtrack Tension C Cyclocross Race Bike

Cyclocross season is upon us. Do you need a dedicated cyclocross race bike? The German company Bombtrack has one ready to race out of the box that we put to the test.

Ridden and Reviewed: Fezzari Shafer Comp GRX Carbon Gravel Bike

The Fezzari Shafer Comp GRX carbon gravel bike is a bargain for USD 2300. Is it the ideal bike for your adventures or racing? Read our review.

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