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SRAM Appeases Weight Weenies and Retrogrouches with New WiFLi XG1190 Cassettes, Barcon Shifters

At Sea Otter 2014, SRAM showed off its Force CX1 single ring component group that we previously reviewed, but hiding on a side table were …

New Product Review: Silcone Tidds (Bottle Cage Bolt Replacements for True Weight Weenies)

Cyclocross Magazine receives some interesting things for review. Of everything that has arrived in the mail, Silicone Tidds might be the most diminutive product we’ve received. …

Gravel Gear: SunRace’s Lightweight, Wide-Range CSMX8 Cassette

SunRace’s CXMX8 wide-range cassette is a lightweight option when you need extra gears for gravel riding. We swapped it in to see how it rides.

Interbike Outdoor: New Wheels from Alto Cycling, Lightweight and Knight Composites

At Interbike’s Outdoor Demo, we got an early look at some of the new cyclocross and gravel-oriented wheels being shown at the annual Vegas convention. See offerings from Alto, Knight and Lightweight.

Review: Maxxis Lightweight Rambler 700 x 40c Gravel Tire

There are now enough gravel tires to cover all the different types of gravel throughout the world. From groomed, hard packed surfaces that feel very …

New Product Spotlight: Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer Tubular Wheels

We won’t mince words about it—at $7300 the Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer wheelset is unobtainable for most cyclocross racers. Costing more than a nice used car, the Lightweight wheels are a luxury item for those who want the upper echelon of performance, light weight and rarity.

Cyclocross Bike Weights: Coming Down, or Easy to Underestimate?

Our last poll asked what your cyclocross bike weighs. The results were a little surprising, even considering our die-hard audience of dedicated ‘crossers. Of those …

In Review: All-City’s New Super Professional Flat Bar Cyclocross Bike

We’ve been riding the Super Professional flat bar cyclocross bike that All-City Cycles unveiled today. Will it crush your dreams or be the subject of them?

In Review: Cervelo Aspero Race-Oriented Gravel Bike

Cervelo doesn’t mention cyclocross when marketing its Aspero gravel bike, but it’s raced by Nieuwenhuis in Europe. Can it do it all? We put it to the test.

Ridden and Reviewed: Civilian Feral Tsar Handmade Steel Cyclocross Bike

Civilian is back making handmade steel bikes in Portland. We take a first look at the Feral Tsar cyclocross bike designed to tame a course near you.

Ridden and Reviewed: Woom Off 5 24″ Wheel Rigid Mountain Bike

Younger rippers have limited options in capable, lightweight off-road race bikes. The $679, 18.9 pound rigid Woom Off 5 is a compelling option. We put it to the test.

In Review: Noble CX3 Budget-Friendly Cyclocross Bike

The Noble CX3 is a $1,999 cyclocross bike with a SRAM Rival 1 build and Stan’s tubeless wheels aimed at the budget-conscious crowd. We take a first look.

Ridden and Reviewed: Roval Terra CLX and CLX EVO Gravel Wheels

Today, Roval unveiled its 3 models of ultralight, wide, carbon Terra CLX gravel wheels. We’ve ridden and raced them. Get the specs and early review.

Ridden and Reviewed: Merlin Sandstone Titanium Gravel Bike

Merlin is back and its titanium Sandstone gravel bike aims to put the brand at the top of dream bike wishlists. Should it be on yours? We put it to the test.

Stomped and Reviewed: Look X-Track SPD-Compatible Clipless Pedals

Look Cycle keeps going back to the drawing board and its competitors to find the perfect offroad pedal. Is its latest Shimano SPD compatible X-Track a winner? Read our review.

Reviewed: Chumba’s Versatile Titanium Terlingua Cyclocross / Gravel Bike

Chumba aims to satisfy all your riding needs with its versatile titanium Terlingua. Should it make your dream bike list? We put it to the test in our review.

First Look: SRAM Force eTAP AXS Component Group

SRAM unleashed the Force today, with its Force eTap AXS electronic component group. Get the details on the 12 and 23-speed drivetrain options.

In Review: Pivot Vault Cyclocross / Gravel Bike with New Gravel-Oriented Build

The heart of the Pivot Vault cyclocross/gravel bike is classic, but the build is updated for gravel adventures. We take a first look at the carbon bike.

Review: Navigate Gravel Roads and Measure Workouts with the Wahoo Elemnt GPS Cycling Computer

The Wahoo Elemnt GPS cycling computer has features for long gravel rides and intense training sessions. We tested it against the elements for this review.

Ridden and Reviewed: Fuji Altimara CX 1.1 Cyclocross Race Bike

The Fuji Altamira CX 1.1 Disc is a carbon cyclocross bike built for racing. Will it help you ride like your initials are JP? We put it to the test.

In Review: Alan’s Customizable Xtreme Gravel Scandium Bike

Alan lets you customize its Xtreme Gravel Scandium to fit your needs. We take a first look at the gravel/adventure bike from the Italian company.

Ridden and Reviewed: Trek Boone RSL Cyclocross Bike with Front IsoSpeed Decoupler

The Trek Boone RSL cyclocross bike got lighter and added a front IsoSpeed decoupler for more compliance. Will the changes have you ready to race this fall?

In Review: Ritchey Design’s WCS Apex 38 Carbon Tubeless Clinchers

Ritchey Design’s WCS Apex 38 carbon tubeless wheelset is a 19mm wide cyclocross/gravel wheelset that can crossover for road riding. We take a first look.

Stan’s NoTubes Launches Carbon Grail CB7, Alloy MK3 for Low-Pressure, High-Volume Riding

Stan’s NoTubes launched its new ultralight carbon Grail CB7 gravel wheelset along with the alloy Grail MK3. We look at the new low-pressure wheels..

Bike Profile: CXM’s Almanzo 100 American-Made Allied Alfa Allroad Gravel Bike

We rode Allied’s Alfa Allroad made-in-America carbon gravel bike at the 2018 Almanzo 100. We profile the road-inspired rough road bike and offer ride impressions.

Clever Standard’s Carbon Tactic Chain Rings and Lighter Chain Breaker – 2018 Sea Otter

Clever Standards showed off new Carbon Tactic chain rings and a lighter Chain Breaker tool at the 2018 Sea Otter expo. Learn more about the company’s thoughtful products.

Review: The Robert Axle Project Bolt-On Thru-Axles for Bikes of All Types

Need a spare or replacement thru-axle? The Robert Axle Project matches the right bolt-on axle with your bike. We put the Lightning and Trainer axles to the test.

In Review: Derby Carbon CX 23i Tubeless Gravel / Cyclocross Rims & Wheelset

Tubeless cyclocross and gravel rims have grown in width, and lost their hooks. Derby Rims claims some credit for this movement. We test Derby’s CX 23i rim.

In Review: FSE EVO 35CD Spins a New Approach to Carbon Tubeless Clinchers

FSE’s filament spin carbon manufacturing process brings a new approach to cyclocross wheel construction. We see if the EVO 35CD tubeless clinchers are up to their off-road task.

Ridden and Reviewed: Steel Breezer Inversion Gravel / Cyclocross Bike Stars in Roles On and Off the Road

The steel Breezer Inversion has a road feel, but when the script calls for adventure, it is ready. Find out if the Inversion can play a leading role in your next off-road adventure in our ride review.

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