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2013 Cyclocross National Championships Elite Women Results

Place Points NameCity, StateTime BibTeam
193.91Katherine COMPTON   Colorado Springs, CO0:43:02 Trek Cyclocross Collective
296.05Jade WILCOXSON   Talent, OR44:22:00 18 UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
398.19Nicole DUKE   Boulder, CO44:25:00 Cyclocrossworld
4100.33Georgia GOULD   Fort Collins, CO44:44:00 Team LUNA Chix
5102.47Crystal ANTHONY   Beverly, MA45:16:00 Cyclocrossworld
6104.61Teal STETSON-LEE   Durango, CO45:19:00 Team LUNA Chix
7106.75Maureen BRUNO ROY   Arlington, MA45:41:00 Bob's Red Mill pb Seven Cycles
8108.89Meredith MILLER   Boulder, CO45:43:00 California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized/California Giant Cycling
9111.03Kaitlin ANTONNEAU   Racine, WI46:00:00 Cannondale Cyclocrossworld/Cyclocrossworld
10113.17Arley KEMMERER   Saylorsburg, PA46:47:00 13 Charm City Cycling LLC
11115.31Andrea SMITH   Phoenix, AZ46:51:00 10 Ladies First/Minuteman Road Club
12117.45Elle ANDERSON   San Francisco, CA47:02:00 12 Ladies First/Minuteman Road Club
13119.59Alice PENNINGTON   Portland, OR47:07:00 32 
14121.73Courtenay MCFADDEN   Bellingham, WA47:57:00 17 Cycling Northwest
15123.87Amanda CAREY   Victor, ID48:12:00 11 Volkswagen Boise Cycling
16126.01Ellen NOBLE   Kennebunkport, ME48:16:00 24 Trek Cyclocross Collective
17128.15Corey COOGAN CISEK   Minneapolis, MN48:38:00 33
18130.29Abby STRIGEL   Madison, WI49:12:00 35 Trek Cyclocross Collective
19132.43Rebecca BLATT   Lakewood, CO50:00:00 26 Van Dessel Factory Team
20134.57Christina BIRCH   Somerville, MA50:22:00 41 JAM Fund / NCC /Tenet Racing
21136.71Erica ZAVETA   Erwinna, PA50:37:00 31 brevard college/Brevard College
22138.85Amanda MILLER   Fort Collins, CO50:46:00 15 UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
23140.99BethAnn ORTON   Portland, OR51:15:00 73 
24143.13Kristin WEBER   Boulder, CO51:16:00 89 Boulder Cycle Sport
25145.27Amber MARKEY   Monona, WI51:29:00 65 
26147.41Stacey BARBOSSA   Rutherford, NJ52:22:00 29 Colavita Racing Inc.
27149.55Brianne MARSHALL   Durango, CO52:30:00 66 NoTubes Endurance Racing
28151.69Katie ARNOLD   Columbus, OH52:58:00 21 Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team/Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
29153.83Allison ARENSMAN   Rutherford College, NC@1Lap 28 Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech Training pb ABRC/Asheville Bicycle Racing Club
30155.97Rebecca GROSS   Lakewood, CO@1Lap 27 Tough Girl Cycling
31158.11Hannah FINCHAMP   Altadena, CA@1Lap 52 Team LUNA Chix
32160.25April MORGAN   Minneapolis, MN@1Lap 71 
33162.39Alyssa SEVERN   Chicago, IL@1Lap 77 My Wife Inc
34164.53Kathleen LYSAKOWSKI   Ware, MA@1Lap 30 Cycle Lodge
35166.67Sunny GILBERT   Ballwin, MO@1Lap 57 Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team/Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing
36168.81Anna DINGMAN   Bozeman, MT@1Lap 49 
37170.95Emily ZINN   Boulder, CO@1Lap 93 Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella/Naked Women's Racing
38173.09Elizabeth SO   Chicago, IL@1Lap 80 Les Petites Victoires
39175.23Sarah STURM   Durango, CO@1Lap 84 Fort Lewis College
40177.37Katie MELENA   Santacruz, CA@1Lap 70 Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross
41179.51Emily SHIELDS   Salisbury, NC@1Lap 20 Mock Orange Racing/Mock Orange Bikes
42181.65Michelle BISHOP   Bala Cynwyd, PA@1Lap 44 North Point Women's Racing Team
43183.79BrittLee BOWMAN   New York, NY@1Lap 23 Pedal Power Team-MA
44185.93Corrie OSBORNE   Mequon, WI@1Lap 37 Team Extreme
45188.07Ellen SHERRILL   South Lake Tahoe, CA@1Lap 78 Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross
46190.21Jessica KUTZ   Danville Pa@1Lap 62 Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell &Shebell/Riptide Cycling
47192.35Heidi BECK   Delafield, WI@1Lap 36 Twin Six
48194.49Frances MORRISON   Easthampton, MA@2Lap 95 JAM Fund / NCC /Tenet Racing
49196.63Mackenzie WOODRING   Belmont, MI@2Lap 91 Einstein Racing
50198.77Katherine SHIELDS   Salisbury, NC@2Lap 25 Mock Orange Racing/Mock Orange Bikes
51200.91Marian JAMISON   Gloucester, MA@2Lap 42 
52203.05Erin DONOHUE   Norwich, VT@2Lap 50 Mock Orange Bikes
53205.19Allyson TUFANO   Columbia, MD@2Lap 34 Sportif Coaching Group/Western Howard County Cycling
54207.33Christina TAMILIO   Malden, MA@2Lap 39 Ladies First/Minuteman Road Club
55209.47Sierra SIEBENLIST   Indianapolis, IN@2Lap 79 Team Indiebike
56211.61Jennifer TILLMAN   Owings Mills, MD@2Lap 86 Charm City Cycling LLC
57213.75Kathleen WULFKUHLE   Lancaster, PA@2Lap 38 City Cycling LLC
58215.89Kaylan COMER   Blacksburg, VA@2Lap 47 u-neak | DESIGNS/Central Velo Racing & Development
59218.03Kristin KOREVEC   Madison, WI@2Lap 61 MadCity Velo Club
60220.17Deb Sweeney WHITMORE   Sylva, NC@2Lap 90 Team Athletix Benefitting Globalbike/Globalbike Racing
61222.31Sarah FREDRICKSON   Bloomington, IN@2Lap 54 Speedway Wheelmen
62224.45Mollie BREWER   High Point, NC@2Lap 45 
63226.59Leslie TIMM   Somerville, MA@2Lap 87 
64228.73Julie PHELPS   De Pere, WI@2Lap 74 Big Ring Flyers
65230.87Kristina YOUNG   Chicago, IL@2Lap 92 
66233.01Jessica HILL   Evanston, IL@2Lap 58 The Pony Shop
67235.15Jennifer NOWLIN   Plymouth, MN@2Lap 72 Peace Coffee Racing
68237.29McKenzie MELCHER   Mentone, CA@2Lap 69 The TEAM SoCalCross/The TEAM
69239.43Madelaine MELCHER   Mentone, CA@2Lap 68 The TEAM SoCalCross/The TEAM
70241.57Lindsay KNIGHT   Chicago, IL@2Lap 60 
71243.71Breeze BROWN   Boulder, CO@3Lap 46 Evol Elite Racing
72245.85Erin SILLIMAN   Richmond, VA@3Lap 22 ALAN North America Cycling
DNSCatherine HOLLIBAUGH   Carmel, IN94 Team Nebo Ridge
DNSCatherine WALBERG   Topeka, KS88 
DNSKim THOMPSON   Chicago, IL85 Spidermonkey Cycling
DNSLinda SONE   Northfield, MN82 Crossniacs
DNSNiki SODERBERG   Rochester, MN81
DNSCarol Jeane SANSOME   Eagan, MN75 Silver Cycling
DNSAmanda MCNABB   Lynnwood, WA67 Team Group Health/Sound Velo Cycling Club
DNSAntonia LEAL   Waukesha, WI63 Planet Bike
DNSMolly HURFORD   Easthampton, MA59 Colavita Racing/Colavita Racing Inc.
DNSJennifer GAERTNER   Coeur D Alene, ID55 Motofish Racing
DNSJeanne FLECK   Proctor, MN53 Velo Duluth
DNSJennifer Herrell-Rhoades   Kansas City, MO43 Trek Cyclocross Collective
DNSJulie HUNTER   Richmond, VA40 
DNSNicole THIEMANN   Philadelphia, PA16 Team CF
DNSCarmen Small   Durango, CO14 Specialized Lululemon
DNSLaura VAN GILDER   Cresco, City Cycling LLC
DNFAngelina STEVENS   Chapel Hill, NC83 Garneau Custom
DNFBailey SEMIAN   Mertztown, PA76 Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
DNFSarah LU   Chicago, IL64 ROBOTS <3
DNFShannon GIBSON   Durango, CO56 Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team
DNFJessica D'AMATO   Boulder, CO48 Evol Elite Racing
DNFCassandra MAXIMENKO   Naugatuck, CT19 

2013 Cyclocross National Championships U23 Women Results

Place Points NameCity, StateTime BibTeam
1127.5Kaitlin ANTONNEAU   Racine, WI46:00:00 Cannondale Cyclocrossworld/Cyclocrossworld
2147.24Emily SHIELDS   Salisbury, NC@1Lap 20 Mock Orange Racing/Mock Orange Bikes
3166.98Katherine SHIELDS   Salisbury, NC@2Lap 25 Mock Orange Racing/Mock Orange Bikes
4186.71Allison ARENSMAN   Rutherford College, NC@1Lap 28 Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech Training pb ABRC/Asheville Bicycle Racing Club
5206.45Mollie BREWER (1 - Cat3)   High Point, NC@2Lap 45 
6226.19Erin DONOHUE   Norwich, VT@2Lap 50 Mock Orange Bikes
7245.92McKenzie MELCHER (2 - Cat3)   Mentone, CA@2Lap 69 The TEAM SoCalCross/The TEAM
DNSCatherine HOLLIBAUGH (Cat3)   Carmel, IN94 Team Nebo Ridge

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