Ben Jacques-Maynes on the run up. © Kirk Keeler

Ben Jacques-Maynes on the run up. © Kirk Keeler

by Andrew Juliano

APTOS, CA—After 12 years as a professional cyclist, Surf City course designer Ben Jacques-Maynes (Jamis CX) might as well be the Van Gough of track builders—Surf City #1 was brilliantly crafted and included plenty of self-inflicted suffering. Jacques-Maynes explained, “I’ve raced enough cyclocross to know what I like and what annoys me in a course. For this race, I tried to include more of the former and less of the latter.” He continued, “I wanted to mix up the hard efforts with some recovery sections.” The resulting track mixed punchy climbs and natural running sections with pucker-up sand chutes and flat pavement stretches.

Phillip Mooney (Jamis CX) offered up a high five as he proclaimed the course, “Amazingly fun!”

After besting the field at Aptos High, Andy Jacques Maynes held up his first place prize envelope and said, “Nice, I got the diaper money right here.” The expecting father won his last race as a “not dad” by sticking to his pregame plan then holding off a challenge from brother Ben Jacques-Maynes mid race.

A full version of the Surf City #1 recap appears on Nor Cal Cycling News.

Elite Women Top 5

  1. Carolina Gomez-Villafane (Rambuski Law/Family Cycling Center)

  2. Karen Brems (Rambuski Law)

  3. Janie Dalton (Missing Link)

  4. Hildebrand Elicia (Trek Cyclocross Collective)

  5. Courtney Dimpel (Team Caletti)

Elite Men Top 5

  1. Andy Jacques-Maynes (
  2. Ben Jacques-Maynes (Jamis CX)
  3. Sam Cerruti (Jamis CX)
  4. Phillip Mooney (Jamis CX)
  5. Andrew Juiliano (Bicycle Blue Book-ROCK LOBSTER)