2009 European Cyclocross Championships, Hoogstraten.

Vos celebrates her European Championship with her close fans. © Bart Hazen

by Bart Hazen

The Netherlands’ Marianne Vos soloed to a dominant win to take the European Cyclocross Championships over her teammate Daphny van den Brand and Britain’s Helen Wyman. Slovakia’s Gavenda took the U23 title, and France’s Viennet took the Junior title.

Junior Men

The 2009 European Championships in Hoogstraten (Belgium) kicked-off this morning with the Juniors race. The gold medal went as expected to the leader in the World Cup, France’s Emilien Viennet. Home rider Laurens Sweeck finished as second and Dutch Michiel van der Heijden as third. Two other Dutch riders, Mike Teunissen and Gert-Jan Bosman, completed the top five.

Second year junior Viennet took the hole shot. The winner of the first World Cup in Treviso immediately took a lead of over ten seconds on a chasing group with Laurens Sweeck (Belgium), Michiel van der Heijden (The Netherlands) and Mike Teunissen (The Netherlands).

2009 Junior European Cyclocross Championships Podium. © Bart Hazen

2009 Junior European Cyclocross Championships Podium. © Bart Hazen

After several laps Sweeck dropped the two Dutch riders and would gain back time on Viennet, but couldn’t quite bridge up to the French rider. For Viennet it’s his first international title in his career.

The new European champ said, “My season is already a success with this jersey. The Europeans were not my main target, that will be the World Championships in Tabor.”

U23 Men (Espoirs)

World Cup leader Robert Gavenda is the new U23 European Champion. The Slovakian of the Telenet-Fidea team was the best in a dramatic race over Poland’s Pawel Szczepaniak and Belgium’s Tom Meeusen. Poland’s Kacper Szczepaniak and Italy’s Elia Silvestri completed the top five.

The U23 race was fast but featured tight, exciting. New BKCP-Powerplus signing Arnaud Jouffroy (France) took the holeshot with Italy’s Elia Silvestri. The duo stayed in front for a few laps before Slovakian Champion Robert Gavenda and the Polish Szczepaniak brothers took over.

In the final lap, the trio was joined by Tom Meeusen, the surprising Elia Silvestri and reigning Junior World Champion, France’s Arnaud Jouffroy. With two laps to go, Gavenda, the strongest rider in the race, dropped the others to win solo with a small lead over his former break companions.

For Gavenda it’s his third big win of the season after the World Cup in Treviso and the win in the Koppenberg cross last week.

Vos Hoards Another Crown

Marianne Vos has added another title to her impressive palmares. The Dutch World Champion soloed to the gold medal after taking the lead in the second lap. Daphny van den Brand, who returned in competition after an illness, finished in second and Britain’s Helen Wyman as third. Czech duo Katerina Nash and the winner of the Koppenberg race Pavla Havlikova completed the top five.

The podium selection: Vos, Van den Brand, and Wyman. © Bart Hazen 2009 European Cyclocross Championships, Hoogstraten.

The podium selection: Vos, Van den Brand, and Wyman. © Bart Hazen

Dutch Champion Daphny van den Brand took the holeshot and led the race for a lap and ahalf. Dutch star Reza Hormes had to abandon the race after a crash just a few hundred meters after the start. World Champion Marianne Vos, competing in her third race of the season, had to start in the back of the field once again due to a lack of UCI points. Vos quickly bridged up to the front before getting rid of Van den Brand and Wyman in the second lap.

For second place, the battle was tighter as Daphny van den Brand and Helen Wyman were caught by a chasing group containing Katerina Nash, Pavla Havlikova, Sanne van Paassen and Christel Ferrier-Bruneau. In the last lap Van den Brand and later also Wyman were able to drop the others to finish second and third, respectively, behind the unapproachable Marianne Vos.

For Vos the win in Hoogstraten is her second European title of her career and also her second win of the season after Woerden.

The reigning World Champion was clearly happy. “My second European title! This is beautiful, even after all my Olympic and World titles. This was my third race of the season, and my second win. On the Koppenberg last week I had bad luck while riding in the lead.”

Wyman was satisfied with her result, as it was her first major championship medal and comes in a fine run of form.  “I came really close to a medal in the Euro’s a few years ago, but a double puncture stopped that attempt,” she explained. “I’m just so happy things have gone my way and I’m able to be on the podium in a major championship.”

Luna’s Katerina Nash (CZE) skipped the NACT’s  Colorado weekend to make a run at the European title, but was one place off the podium in fourth. Full results below.

Photo Gallery:

Full Results:

Elite Women:

1Marianne VOSNED2338:40150
2Daphny VAN DEN BRANDNED3239:17100
3Helen WYMANGBR2939:2270
4Katerina NASHCZE3339:3050
5Pavla HAVLIKOVACZE2739:3530
6Sanne VAN PAASSENNED2239:4820
7Christel FERRIER-BRUNEAUFRA3140:1117
8Caroline MANIFRA2340:1115
9Joyce VANDERBEKENBEL2640:4012
10Sanne CANTBEL2040:4410
11Linda VAN RIJENNED2240:468
12Katrin LEUMANNSUI2840:476
13Saskia ELEMANSNED3341:014
15Evelyn STAFFLERITA2641:301
17Jana KYPTOVACZE2541:38
18Arenda GRIMBERGNED3241:43
19Pauline FERRAND PREVOTFRA1841:43
20Gabriella DAYGBR2641:50
21Sophie DE BOERNED2041:58
22Veronica ALESSIOITA2342:01
23Elisabeth BRANDAUGER2542:14
24Sabrina SCHWEIZERGER2042:19
25Elke RIEDLAUT3943:15
26Nancy BOBERBEL3543:43
27Lise-Marie HENZELINSUI1944:17
28Martina MIKULÁŠKOVÁCZE1744:45
30Eszter DOSAHUN27


1Robert GAVENDASVK2250:26100
2Pawel SZCZEPANIAKPOL2150:3160
3Tom MEEUSENBEL2250:3440
4Kacper SZCZEPANIAKPOL2050:3430
5Elia SILVESTRIITA2050:5325
6Jim AERNOUTSBEL2150:5320
7Arnaud JOUFFROYFRA2050:5317
8Kenneth VAN COMPERNOLLEBEL2250:5315
9Matthieu BOULOFRA2151:0712
10Jan DENUWELAERBEL2251:1810
11Lars VAN DER HAARNED1951:188
12Mitchell HUENDERSNED2251:266
13Stef BODENBEL2051:384
14Twan VAN DEN BRANDNED2151:452
15Kevin CANTBEL2251:511
16Ole QUASTGER2151:51
17Jiri POLNICKYCZE2151:51
18Tijmen EISINGNED1951:51
19Matteo TRENTINITA2152:04
20Arnaud GRANDSUI2052:04
21Micki VAN EMPELNED2052:25
22Marcel MEISENGER2152:48
23Corne VAN KESSELNED1952:48
24Jan NESVADBACZE1952:58
25Kobus HEREIJGERSNED2153:04
26Sven BEELENBEL2053:04
27Irwin GRASFRA1953:04
28Thibault TABOURYFRA2153:04
29Michael WINTERBERGSUI2053:07
30Alessandro CALDERANITA2153:24
31Fabian DANNERGER2053:24
32Filip ADELCZE2053:30
33Melvin RULLIEREFRA2153:35
35Karel HNIKCZE1953:48
36Matthias RUPPSUI2053:48
37Michael SCHWEIZERGER1953:53
38Lubomir PETRUSCZE2053:56
39David MENGERCZE2254:45
40Théo VIMPEREFRA2055:01
41Eric BRUNGGERSUI2055:08
42Enno QUASTGER1955:50
43Nico BRÜNGGERSUI2256:18
45Domenico maria SALVIANIITA19


1Emilien VIENNETFRA1840:5130
2Laurens SWEECKBEL1741:0220
3Michiel VAN DER HEIJDENNED1841:1415
4Mike TEUNISSENNED1841:3312
5Gert-Jan BOSMANNED1841:3910
6Jens ADAMSBEL1841:398
7Emiel DOLFSMANED1841:426
8Matej LASAKCZE1841:444
9Michael BOROSCZE1841:522
10Danny VAN POPPELNED1741:571
12Gianni VERMEERSCHBEL1842:14
13Lars FORSTERSUI1742:14
14Tomas PAPRSTKACZE1842:16
15Daniel VESELYCZE1842:20
16David MENUTFRA1842:27
17Fabio Alfonso TODAROITA1842:30
18Bastien DUCULTYFRA1842:34
19Wenzel BÖHM-GRÄBERGER1842:37
20Clément LE BRASFRA1842:37
21Xandro MEURISSEBEL1843:00
22Fabian LIENHARDSUI1743:07
23Julien EHLINGERFRA1843:11
24Radek POLNICKYCZE1843:15
25Vojtech NIPLCZE1743:24
26David VAN DER POELNED1843:30
27Nicolas SAMPARISIITA1843:30
28Diether SWEECKBEL1743:40
29Pietro SANTINIITA1843:44
30Daniel MCLAYGBR1843:50
31Julian LEHMANNGER1743:50
32Thomas MOSESGBR1843:57
33Floris DE TIERBEL1844:01
34Kenny KASTELIJNNED1744:06
35Ondrej ŽNIVACZE1744:19
37Dylan PAGESUI1744:43
38Andrea RIGHETTINIITA1844:43
39Etienne BRIARDFRA1845:06
40Johannes CORDSGER1745:07
41Tobias DEPRIEGER1845:10
42Jakub SKALACZE1745:23
44Rudy LORENZONITA1846:35
45Alec BRIGGSGBR1746:46