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  • Race Report: Big Ring Rumpus Brings June ’Cross Category to New England

    Let the Rumpus begin! Let the Rumpus begin! © Chip Baker

    And Max said, “Let the Wild Rumpus begin!” – Where the Wild Things Are by Chip Baker The ’cross gods are not of the the nice, gentle baby Jesus in golden fleece diapers variety from the movie Talladega Nights. They…

  • UK Does Summer ’Cross Right

    Hit the North 2

    by Robbie Carver If ’cross season can’t come soon enough for you (it sure can’t for us!) then you may want to consider buying a summer home in merry ol’ England. The Brits seem to be ahead of the game in…

  • Cyclocross Season…Only a Month Away?

    Yorkshire Cyclocross

    by Josh Liberles I’ve read tons of blog posts, facebook updates and tweets about ‘cross season “only” being x (with “x” being about five, now) months away. I think for most US-based riders, this countdown trend started right on cue…

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