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  • Eurobike 2012: Rotor Unveils Ultralight Dual Power Meter Crankset

    The Rotor Power crankset boasts two integrated power meters. Placement of 8 strain-gauges (4 in each crank arm) gives accurate, clean, noise free data from shifting, rough roads or sprinting.•Just 30g more than our 3D+ MAS crank.

    Rotor Bike Components showed off a nearly-production ready version of its long-awaited Rotor Power Crank at Eurobike 2012, and based on its features, the power meter crankset just might be the ultimate power-measuring device for cyclocross racers. The crankset looks…

  • Interbike 2011: PowerTap’s Impressive New Lineup

    PowerTap has long been a big player in the power meter market, but the distinctive oversized hubs are a relative rarity on the cyclocross course. While there are plenty of ’crossers who train with PowerTaps, most of those who choose to race with power typically opt for one of the crank-based meters like SRMs or Quarqs.

    Part of the knock on PowerTaps was their weight. Another factor is the added expense of needing a PowerTap hub in a training wheel and at least one – perhaps several – race wheel. The new G3 PowerTap hubs tackles that first drawback head on. According to Eric Wallace of Saris, PowerTap’s parent company, the new hub is the lightest power meter on the market, adding about 100g to a comparable high-performance rear hub.

  • SRAM Purchases Quarq, Jumps into the Power Meter Market

    CXM Labs is testing a SRAM S975 Quurq

    A consolidation is happening in the power meter market. With Garmin buying and further developing the pedal-based Metrigear and Look teaming up with Polar for another pedal-based system, SRAM wanted in on the action. Quarq is one of the power meter…

  • Interbike 2010 Power Players: Garmin, Quarq and Look/Polar

    by Josh Liberles Why would a cyclocrosser want to invest in a power meter? The obvious benefit is to use one during training, whether for hitting prescribed wattage marks for intervals, or for tracking progress and fitness from week to…

  • Product Spotlight and Review: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and Power Computer

    by Josh Liberles It’s hard for me to get excited about an indoor trainer. If I’m riding a trainer, it usually means I’ve either done a poor job of time management and have no other alternative, or I’m being too…

  • New Poll – What would you spend $1k on?

    Our old poll revealed many like the new changes that prioritize USAC categories over registration time for determining start order at Nationals.  With the change, we project USAC officials will be busy with upgrade petitions this season, and the Pro-1-2…

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