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  • The Story in Pictures – More from SSCXWC10 and MFG Races

    If you missed the spectacle-laden pursuit of the Golden Speedo at the Single Speed World Championships, or simply want to relive the experience, here’s a few more photos by photographers Laura Newman, Karen Johanson and Matthew J. Clark that, we think,…

  • SSCXWC 2010 To Be Broadcast Live


    It’s a busy weekend for ’cross, and fans at home can also partake with live video feeds of the SSCXWC and the Derby City Cup USGP. Info from the promoters of SSCXWC 2010: People are flying into town, couches are…

  • SSCXWC10 and MFG Series PGP Park Course Update

    The MFG / SSCXWC10 course will feature a balanced mix of terrain, including BMX-style dirt © MFG / SSCXWC10

    The Singlespeed Cyclocross “World Championship” is just around the corner, combined with the immediately preceding MFG Series race #4. And right on cue here’s a little hype from promoters about the course: Perhaps you’ve heard some rumors, or maybe you’ve…

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