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  • Crossasaurus Awesome Race Report – One Racer’s Account – 2011 PACX

    Kenn Fetsurka having a go at the Crossasaurus Awesome 2011 race. photo: courtesy

    Kenny Fetsurka raced at the 2011 Crossasaurus  Awesome cyclocross race outside of Philadelphia in Spring Mountain, and sent in this report as his entry into the KHS Contributor Contest for his chance to win a KHS CX300 Cyclocross Bike. by Kenny Fetsurka…

  • Cummings and Shogren Take PACX Wins at Murrysville Cyclocross

    Murrysville Cyclocross always means mud and as the only PA Cycling event in the Western part of the state, it’s a very desirable race to take part in. This year, for the first time in the race’s existence, Murrysville was held under a cloudless sky with dry course conditions. Betsy Shogren and Stephen Cummings were able to make the most of the conditions and take the rare PACX points.

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