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  • Video: Sandpit Over-the-Bars Carnage (Without Joey, But Everyone is Okay)

    Fans of Boss Cross brought our attention to this video of the Cat 4 men at Boss Cross 2012, Race #2. Boss Cross is the Kansas City area’s longest-running cyclocross series. Saturday and Sunday represented the first two races of the series,…

  • Seattle Singlespeeders Descend on Cross Crusade, Say: FPDX!

    by Joey Mullan (one of the FPDX singlespeed crew and, yes, he’s OK) Portland and Seattle. They both claim to have the finest in cyclocross around the Pacific Northwest. Let’s be honest, they do. At Cross Crusade #3 this last…

  • Is Joey Really OK? Joey Speaks Up and Tells His Story – Updated

    Joey hit the ground hard, but he's OK! Craig Fowler

    There have been a lot of questions asked and many things assumed about my “incident.” Allow me to set the record straight. My name is Joey Mullan, and I crashed on my bike. As for the intensity of the crash, wow! I have raced singlespeed cyclocross for the past three seasons, this being my fourth. I don’t consider myself a roadie, a mountain biker or a BMX kid. I do it all, but I consider myself a cyclocrosser, 100%.

  • Meet the Promoter: Ryan Rickerts Of Cascade Cross

    A taste of the Cascade Series at Thriller Cross Jacob Stewart

    “It’s not a billboard. It’s just a bike race.”
    Cyclocross Magazine’s Joey Mullan has taken it upon himself to interview race promoters all around the country this season to provide you with some insider details on the huge amounts of work that go into planning races and series’, and the people who are just crazy enough to love what they do.
    The first promoter we’re taking a look at is Ryan Rickerts of the Cascade Cross Series, which will happen this year from October all the way into February in and around Bellingham, WA.

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