Sea Otter Expo Cyclocross Products – Crank Brothers’ Revamped Pedals

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The all-new Candy pedal in action. Photo courtesy Crank Bros

The all-new Candy pedal in action. Photo courtesy Crank Bros

New cyclocross products are surfacing at Sea Otter. Stay tuned throughout the weekend as we bring you all the new cyclocross gear from Monterey, California. Also see our preview of the TRP CX9 cyclocross mini v-brake.

Crank Brothers has just revamped their Eggbeater and Candy pedal lines. Already well-known by cyclocrossers for their great mud-shedding capabilities, the new pedals will have improved bearings and spindle strength. Also, with their new optional “traction strips,” it sounds like gone will be the days of custom modifications that racers incorporated – like the sand and grit Katie Compton glued to her Eggbeaters – to prevent shoes from slipping off of the pedal either while they tried to clip in or when pre-clipping before a barrier.

Each of the Eggbeater and Candy lines will offer four models under new names: “1″ is chromoly, “2″ a chromoly/stainless steel mix, “3″ is all-stainless, and “11″ is a quad titanium edition. That’s right – there’s only one ti model after the redesign. Prices range from $60 for the Eggbeater 1 (256g) to $425 for the Eggbeater 11 (174g), and from $60 for the Candy 1 (262g) to $375 for the Candy 11 (226g). Surprisingly, the low-end chromoly models weigh less that their stainless steel counterparts, but offer only a two-year warranty versus five years for their rust-free brethren.

Stay tuned as we bring you photos from Sea Otter of the redesigned pedals and other new cyclocross products.



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