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A special edition SSCXWC head tube badge. by Andrew Yee

A special edition SSCXWC head tube badge. by Andrew Yee

On October 19th, you may be able to become the proud owner of a limited edition Raleigh single speed cross bike, with a custom commemorative Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship (SSCXWC) paint job, as long as you are one of the first 50 people who get their order in.

For the majority of people who are lucky enough to purchase this frame, which will be available exclusively from raleighusa.com, you will get one out of 49 brown framesets, complete with frame, EC90X fork (painted to match) and FSA headset. One of the lucky 50 will be in for a big treat.

Raleigh is offering one white edition of their SSCXWC frameset, given out to one random person in the 50, who will also get a complete, top of the line, Shimano singlespeed build. Shimano will supply a pair of carbon tubeless wheels, Di2 brake levers, singlespeed crankset, and a Pro bar, stem and seatpost. Rounding out the build will be Hutchinson Tubeless cross tires, and a Chris King SS cog. Whoever is lucky enough to get the white bike will be the envy of the cyclocross world.

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