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Sea Otter Classic Announces 2012 Cyclocross Race!

It might be a bit far off, since we’re still in the midst of the 2011 cyclocross season, but we can’t contain our excitement about …

Providence Cyclocross Festival Presented by Interbike Approaches

Providence, Rhode Island — After last weekend’s resounding success of the Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester, New England’s Cyclocross Holy Week wraps up this …

Euro Dominance on American Soil

Unless you’ve been sleeping through the beginning of cyclocross season, you’ve noticed the prevalence of Euros racing on American soil, and the impressive results they’ve …

UPDATED: Heule Outsprints Powers for Gloucester Day 1 Win – Full Report, Full Results

A wet Gran Prix of Gloucester made for exciting racing, with constant lead changes, attacks and regroups. At the end, two mean on rival teams …

British Invasion Continues at Midnight Ride of Cyclocross: Video, Report

The New England Holy Week of Cyclocross has begun! The kickoff event, Midnight Ride Cyclocross hosted by the Minuteman Road Club at the Lancaster Fairgrounds …

Interbike 2011: Boo Bicycles and Co-Motion Show Off Gates Carbon Drive Options

Boo Bicycles and Co-Motion may not be mentioned in the same breath very often, but both companies had sweet single-cog bike options on display at …

Pro Bike Profile: Bart Wellens’ Winning Ridley X-Night Cyclocross Bike

By any measure, Telenet-Fidea’s Bart Wellens’ first U.S. cyclocross campaign has been a success, with three victories in five races, one second place, and one …

Providence Cyclocross Festival Honors Dr. Kim Fries

Providence, Rhode Island – The family and staff here at the Providence Cyclo-cross Festival presented by Interbike, would like to take this moment to talk …

Behind THE Barriers Season Kickoff Monday at 8 AM

Excited about cyclocross? Check out the season kickoff of Behind THE Barriers featuring (naturally) coverage of CrossVegas, the unofficial cyclocross season kickoff. We at the …

Interbike 2011: PowerTap’s Impressive New Lineup

PowerTap has long been a big player in the power meter market, but the distinctive oversized hubs are a relative rarity on the cyclocross course. While there are plenty of ’crossers who train with PowerTaps, most of those who choose to race with power typically opt for one of the crank-based meters like SRMs or Quarqs.

Part of the knock on PowerTaps was their weight. Another factor is the added expense of needing a PowerTap hub in a training wheel and at least one – perhaps several – race wheel. The new G3 PowerTap hubs tackles that first drawback head on. According to Eric Wallace of Saris, PowerTap’s parent company, the new hub is the lightest power meter on the market, adding about 100g to a comparable high-performance rear hub.

Interbike 2011: Mercury Cycling’s New Wheel Offerings

Mercury is following the trend of increasing rim width for better stability out on the course. For the glue-sniffing set this means a wider surface to lay the adhesive on, resulting in a firmer connection between tire and rim and, based on your gluing prowess, fewer incidences of rolled tires. The better connection between rubber and metal can also mean better cornering as the tires retain their shape better in the corners.

Cyclocross on the Cheap: Chaingangs and Powermeters

Cyclocross rarely knows such glamour, despite richly deserving it. And Vegas had it all: shiny things, light things, new things, expensive things; trade shows were ever thus. Oh, and the hangovers. I’m sure there were some immense hangovers.

A casual glance at this array of goodies might convince you that their purpose was to make you faster. Anyone who has ever pressed a pedal in anger can tell you otherwise. These gadgets exist solely to tell you how slow you are. They can express inadequecy in figures accurate to the third decimal point. The all-consuming guilt that can be inspired by a powermeter is phenomenal. If I ever find myself poor (poor in a serious way, not poor in my current self-proclaimed, irreverent, slightly flippant way) I will qualify as a psychoanalyst and specialise in treating the anxieties of middle-aged bike racers. I would never go hungry again.

Interbike 2011: 2012 Jamis Supernova

Jamis Offers Up Three Options For 2012

The 2012 model year sees the respected name Jamis written on the tubes of three models aimed at the cross market. At the top of the line is the Supernova, which comes race ready for $2,600.00.

Interbike 2011: Nifty knickknacks from Showers Pass, Prestaflator, Adarga Bar Tape

by Josh Liberles Showers Pass “VelEau” Hydration Pack The best way to describe the VelEau hydration pack is a combo between a tri-geek’s bar-mounted sipper …

Interbike 2011: Turner Cyclocross Bike Spy Shots

Interbike is all about getting exposure for new products, so it’s weird to think that it would be a venue for “spy shots” or unearthing …

Interbike 2011: New Speedplay Syzr Pedals

Speedplay has offered mountain bike pedals for years with the company’s Frog model. But the Frogs never really made a dent into the ’cross market. That could very well change with the introduction of the new Syzr pedals, which will relegate the Frog largely to touring and commuting duty. Modeled after the very popular Speedplay Zero road pedals, the Syzr offers adjustable float adjustment as well as tension adjustment for release and entry.

Nor’Easter Cross Schedule

The Nor’Easter ‘Cross Powered by Eastern Mountain Sports is coming up this Saturday, September 24th in Burlington, Vermont. But before the racing gets underway, we’ll be hosting a number of great events, all are open to the public and will be a great opportunity to get to know some of the best racers in the world – and maybe pick up some new techniques.

Interbike 2011: FSA Brakes, Cranks & BBs

FSA has suddenly gone from one model of brakes to three, to fit various adjustment needs and price points. The previously released SL-K brakes now serve as the midpoint between the top K-Force and least expensive Energy models.

The Girl with the Cowbell Tattoo: the Good, the Bad, and the Awesome

At Interbike on Wednesday, you see beyond the glitz and glamour of carbon fiber road wheels and fixed gear glory. You feel the grass, you smell the dirt, sweat, blood, tears … you know it’s almost time for CrossVegas. You check your watch over and over again, counting down to the moment when you can finally start heading to the event you’ve been waiting for.

Interbike 2011 Cross Bike Bling: Moots Titanium PsychloX RSL

Moots’ employees take cyclocross seriously. One just has to look at the CrossVegas Wheelers and Dealers results from the last few years to see that …

Professional Cycling Heads to the Midwest: Top Riders Announced for Race in University City, MO

University City, Montana – Following the launch of the International professional cyclocross season in Las Vegas, the top athletes in the sport are preparing to compete at the inaugural Gateway Cross Cup, Wednesday, September 21st at Heman Park in University City, Missouri. A first for the region, athletes from across the United States and Europe will be competing for prize money and coveted UCI ranking points that are up for grabs at this internationally sanctioned event.

Pro Cyclocross Rumors & Rumblings Week of September 16th, 2011

The Belgians came, they saw, and, oh man, have they conquered. Well, an American did grab one win and that was a UCI race, so I guess it counts for something. The first week of the international season is under way and is there ever a bunch to talk about! First is CrossVegas, so much going on there. We can’t not talk about this weekends upcoming races in Seattle, Vermont and Maryland. Did you catch the velo bowl? Jurgen Mettepenningen is confident in Pauwels, Aernouts and Vantornout. National Champ Todd Wells will not defend his stars and stripes this January; London Olympics and Louisville 2013 are the goals. Finally, in this week’s Working Man’s Edition there were just too many of you, so instead, there’s a list of all the riders that deserve some respect!

Interbike 2011: New and Updated Cyclocross Tires, Part 1

Cyclocross tires are arguably the only cyclocross-specific components found on a ’cross bike. Cantilever brakes, drivetrain components, and cockpits are all used by other types of …

Interbike 2011: Katheryn Curi Mattis & Ritte’s Cyclocross Bikes

by Josh Liberles Katheryn Curi Mattis apparently has a hard time staying “retired” from competitive bike racing. Curi Mattis—who won the 2005 US road race …

Interbike 2011: 3T Shows Off Ergoterra Bars, Luteus Fork

At Interbike today, 3T was more than happy to show Cyclocross Magazine their new cyclocross-specific goodies for the 2012 season. Specifically, we looked at the new Ergoterra carbon handlebars and the carbon Luteus disc brake cyclocross fork.

Pro Bike Profiles and Last-Minute Bike Builds: Bikes from Powers, Wells, Mani and Emmett

Every year, there’s a mad scramble to get the cyclocross pros their new bikes for the season, but often that rush is split between happening …

Predicting Winners: CXM Readers Accurate Choosing CrossVegas American Racers but Not Europeans

We asked you last week who you thought would win CrossVegas011  2and 400 of you voted, choosing Bart Wellens most frequently, followed by Jeremy Powers …

Interbike 2011 Urban Cycling Fashion Show Photo Gallery

In the spirit of Interbike, we decided to bring you coverage of the Urban Cycling Fashion Show that happened on the runway just moments ago. Because we all know that at the end of the day, part of going fast is looking cool … right?

Cross Clash: Johnson Takes Powers in the Battle of the Titans on the Interbike Mini-Velodrome

In the pursuit match done on a mini-velodrome with BMX bikes, cyclocross legends Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers duked it out at high noon in …

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For the fifth year in a row, Cyclocross Magazine is here at Interbike bringing you all the latest cyclocross product and racing news. Stay tuned …