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The Black Cat Monster has shapely stays ©Jason Prince

The Black Cat Monster has shapely stays ©Jason Prince

Still more bike goodies coming from our visit to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Austin, Texas, this past weekend. In Part 2, we brought you high-end single speed creations and carbon works of art, two stunning red steel cyclocross bikes from legendary builders Richard Sachs and Ritchey, along with new chainrings, ultralight wheels, seatposts and some nifty cable hangers. Part 1 gave you a look at some titanium, steel and monster cross creations from the likes of Caletti, Storm, Moots, Anderson, Eriksen, Bilenki and more.

Here we have more stunning frames; cool single speed options including a belt drive bike from Vertigo, a wrap-around custom chain guard and a Miche crankset; sexy style from Speedvagen, Zanconato, Black Cat, Sycip, Strong Frames and others; a magnetic bottle connection; and wheels of wood!

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