Parbo charges up the stairs ahead of Chris Jones. © Kenneth Kill, Light & Shadows

Parbo charges up the stairs ahead of Chris Jones. © Kenneth Kill, Light & Shadows

by Dave Sheek

Humid temperatures and morning rains brought some mud to Southern California (SoCal) for the first UCI double-header weekend the area has seen in two years. The mud was literally a giant pit and, along with a mixture of heavy grass, required a lot of power from racers. Day One was fantastic, bringing more than just exciting racing with a bike swap, morning trail run series, and other advocacy rides for cyclists.

The Elite Women’s race started with Devon Haskell (Bike Station Aptos) being first up the long, curving road start and into the grassy fields of Kross-toberfest. In second it was former SoCal resident, Carolyn Popovich (, who took the lead as Haskell crashed halfway through the first lap. But the women’s field was lined up and ready to attack as California Giant Berry Farm’s Teal Stetson-Lee and Barb Howe (Ibis) made their moves. Haskell was back on the bike quickly and back to the front group of five as they stayed together. However, this early attack from Stetson-Lee and Howe set a pace that separated the women. The chase group got close but could never close the gap to the five leaders.

With two to go, Howe had a mishap in the mud causing a slip that separated her from the front group, while Teal continued to smash the pace on the front and open her gap even more. In the end it was Teal Stetson-Lee to take the win with Haskel second, Sarah Maile (Ventana Bikes) third, Popovich fourth and Barb Howe rounding out the top five.

Elite Men

The Elite Men saw tight, aggressive racing from the start as riders sprinted to the grassy fields elbow to elbow. Within the first quarter of a lap multiple crashes caused tangles that created breaks in the group. The first to take the lead was Chris Jones (Rapha-Focus), and by the end of lap one his lead was almost 10 seconds off the front. But it wouldn’t stick as he unfortunately rolled his tire on lap two, putting him back in around 15th. While the lead group took off, Jones rode his way back to the leaders to settle back in until the finish.

With two to go the excitement grew as Joachim Parbo (Leopard Cycles) took the lead. He raced smart as early on he sat in the group, but the week off from the USGP must have served his legs well as Parbo opened a gap on the field. It was close, but the chase group of Sid Taberlay (Sho-Air), Tyler Wren (Boo Bicycles), Danny Summerhill (Garmin), Sean Babcock (Kona) and Chris Sheppard (Rocky Mountain) could not close. Parbo took the final lap and relaxed a bit on his way to the line for the win. Taberlay came hot out of the last barrier section bunny-hopping his way off the group for second. Jones and Wren took third and fourth with an exciting sprint finish and it was Danny Summerhill, who unfortunately had a mishap in the last turn after the barriers but was able to hang on, to round out the top five for the first day of Kross-toberfest racing.

Elite Men Results

1PARBO JoachimKch Leopard Cycles
2TABERLAY SidSho-Air/Specialized
3JONES ChristopherRapha Focus
4WREN TylerBoo Bicycles
5*SUMMERHILL DanielGarmin/Holowesko Partners
7SHEPPARD ChrisRocky Mountain Bicycles/Shimano/Giro/Trp
8*FERGUSON JeremyCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
9RICHEY CraigCyclocrossracing.Com P/B Blue
10CANDELARIO AlexanderKelly Benefit Strategies
11SCHOOLER AaronTeam H&R Block
12SPITERI FrankPeninsula Velo/Pomodoro
13PRENZLOW BrentCelo Pacific/B+L Bikes
14*MCDONALD ZachRapha Focus
15*SCHMALZ Joseph DKccx/Verge Presented By Challenge
16MCGRATH AdamFeedback Sports/Van Dessel Cyclocross
17SNEAD Josh CBay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster
18*KAISER CodyCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
19CHAPIN ScottHrs/Rocklobster
20BEHRENS JohnBailey Bikes
21GRITTERS Kyle JRock N Road Cyclery
22SIEGLE JasonBike Religion
23BAILEY JohnBailey Bikes
24*RYAN MorganThe Team
25O’DELL AaronBay 101/ Hrs/ Rock Lobster
26MILLS Adam RKccx/Verge Presented By Challenge
27CARROLL DonnyBailey Bikes/Donny’S Café
28CHRISTENSON Eric JSdg Factory Team
29PETROV Anton ASdg Factory Team
31NOBLE Chance ACalifornia Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
32HERNANDEZ Sergio AJelly Belly Cycling
33DODGE Benjamin LBay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster
34BOTTGER FrederickSdg Factory Team
35COLTON EricThe Team
36YARRA DerekBox Dog Bikes
37SHEEK DavidSdg Factory Team
38SMITH TonyFocus Bikes Usa
39WILLARD Ted WThe Team
40WERTENBRUCH TylerSlo Nexus-Gym One
41POSHARD DeanRock Lobster
42OSBORN GregoryLa Velocity
43BOONE Alex FPablove Racing
44LEONARD LawrenceSuccessful Living
DNFDOUVILLE GaryPlatinum Performance
DNFGRITTERS BrandonRock N Road Cyclery
DNFNOBLE MarkFranco Factory Team
DNFCAMERON MollyPortland Bicycle Studio
DNFBAKER JonathanHudz-Subaru

Elite Women Results

1STETSON-LEE TealCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized
2HASKELL DevonBike Station Aptos
3MAILE SarahVentana Mountain Bikes
5HOWE BarbaraIbis and the Danger Twins
6THURSTON Emily RMissing Link
7DIMPEL CourtneyBike Station Aptos
8BAUMSTEIGER KatrinaTeam Rambuski Law
9MANN AllisonRock N’ Road
10JORDAN SarahBay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster
11SCHAPER AmandaSDG Factory Team
12CHANEY BeverlyTeam Roaring Mouse
13BRAY TonyaPablove Racing
14WONG DorothyThe Team
15*CRAWFORD IvieThe Team
16*RYAN Alexis MThe Team
17PADILLA AnnetteCelo Pacific
DNF*RYAN Kendall GThe Team

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