Katerina Nash took the win close to her Truckee home. NCNCA 2010 Cyclocross Districts. © Tim Westmore

Katerina Nash took the win close to her Truckee home. NCNCA 2010 Cyclocross Districts. © Tim Westmore

by Paul Guerra

This year’s Northern California and Nevada Cycling Association District Championships were held in Reno, Nevada, at Clayton Middle School and were hosted by the Reno Wheelmen in addition to their normal Sagebrush Cyclocross series lineup. Although Reno has a vibrant cycling scene and is in close proximity to excellent road and off-road terrain, most of the cycling population, and therefore most of the racers at this even,t had to travel from points west in California over the infamous Donner Summit on Highway I-80. In a repeat of the events of November, 1846, an early season storm dumped 12 inches of fresh snow on the Summit over the Friday evening prior to the race. Many racers spent a cold night parked on the highway, waiting for accidents to be cleared and scraping ice from their windshields only to arrive in Reno in the wee hours of Saturday.

The expectation then was that serious snow would have accumulated at the racing venue, making for a rare snow race. The high desert of Nevada, however, didn’t let that happen. While temperatures hovered in the 30s during the race, only a light dusting of snow blanketed the course and melted off by the time of the Elite Men’s race at 1:30, leaving the faintest bit of mud on the grassier sections of the course.

Donner Summit was a snowy, stormy mess. by {Stardustza} on flickr

Donner Summit was a snowy, stormy mess. by {Stardustza} on flickr

The course was laid out with a minimum of elevation change. Long grass and sand sections demanded more power and cardiovascular fitness of the racers and less technical ability. Sets of closely spaced barriers and a forced dismount and run-up completed the circuit. Several locals took advantage of the proximity of the race and their adaptation to altitude to take home the coveted bear-and-star jersey of NorCal/Nevada.

Nash shows her National Championship form

A light women’s field saw Truckee, California local, Team Luna Chix phenom, Winter Olympian and Czech National Champion Katerina Nash run away with victory. From the end of the first lap, Nash held a commanding lead over second place, 2009 40-44 Masters national champion Gina Hall from Cal Giant Strawberries. Third place in the strung out Elite Women’s category went to Emily Thurston of team Missing Link. Both Thurston and Hall could not match Nash’s superior performance at altitude, as both hail from the San Francisco Bay Area and Nash was fresh off a win at the USGP in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Nash said after the race, “I was really happy that a big race like Districts was in Reno, so close to home.” She also appreciated the relatively dry and grassy course, having spent the morning shoveling her way out of her nearby mountain town home.

The Mountain Men Rule the Day

Alex Candelario wins the District NCNCA 2010 Cyclocross Districts. © Tim Westmore

Alex Candelario wins the District NCNCA 2010 Cyclocross Districts. © Tim Westmore

As a warm-up for the Elite Men’s race, Bjorn Fox (Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team) handily won the Junior’s race. Fox hails from the nearby ski town of Incline Village of Nevada and echoed Nash’s comments, saying, “I’ve been racing a lot around the US, so it’s nice to have a race close to home.” ’ Cross legend Don Myrah (Ibis-Buy-cell.com) also won his Masters 35+ age group race as a warm-up for later racing in the Elite category. Myrah waltzed away with the win, putting 30 seconds on his closest competitor, Anastasio Flores of Cal Giant Strawberries.

Both Fox and Myrah joined a strong, if slightly small, field in the Elite Men’s race to battle it out for top honors. Reno native and World Bicycle Relief representative Alex Candelario had other ideas however. Similarly to Nash, Candelario has recently had a commanding performance at altitude at the Colorado Cross Classic and carried his form to Reno where he had an exceedingly strong showing. Candelario began lapping the field with three to go and held a significant time gap over his nearest rivals, second place’s Brue Silversten (De La Paz Coffee) and Abe Rotstein (Hunter-Freewheel). Myrah narrowly missed his second podium of the day after being out-sprinted for third by Rotstein. However, with prizes in this category going 10 deep, and additional swag handed out by the promoters to spectators and racers, no one went home empty handed. Hopefully the memories of the racing and the loot kept racers warm as they assaulted a socked-in Donner Summit again on their way west, back home or to a Sunday of racing for those who could recover from the travel and racing effort of Saturday.

[Newly minted women’s 35+ district champion Heather Langendorfer contributed to this report.] Full results below the photos.

Photo Gallery by Tim Westmore:

Photo Gallery by Paul Guerra:

Full Results:

PlaceBIBCategoryFirst NameLast NameCityState
1599Junior Women 10-18MaddieOrtenbladSanta CruzCA
1551Women’s B/C*PaigeGaleotoRenoNV
2550Women’s B/C*EricaGreifRenoNV
3552Women’s B/C*Miss MaryPerezLa Selva BeachCA
1508Men’s C*CoryCaldwellLafayetteCA
2507Men’s C*JoeHerrickrenoNV
3501Men’s C*DaveMelchiorTom’s PlaceCA
4511Men’s C*JosephTogoanrenoNV
5506Men’s C*MartinLagarzarenoNV
6502Men’s C*RichPaulrenoNV
7510Men’s C*CobyRowerenoNV
8509Men’s C*ReidWeberrenoNV
9504Men’s C*JamesHunterElkoNV
10503Men’s C*DavidSimonRenoNV
1409Men’s B*SkylerTaylorMill ValleyCA
2406Men’s B*BrianWallaceCarson CityNV
3407Men’s B*JoshRennierenoNV
4408Men’s B*LeviGraboCarson CityNV
5400Men’s B*BenjaminTedoreRenoNV
6402Men’s B*AndrewSizeloveRenoNV
7489Men’s B*CJDudleyrenoNV
8401Men’s B*StephenBergrenoNV
9404Men’s B*BrianSparksElkoNV
10488Men’s B*ChristopherDuganrenoNV
1499Men’s B 35+*scottcarothersRenoNV
2487Men’s B 35+*MattyLarsenRenoNV
3498Men’s B 35+*JudeMayneRenoNV
4495Men’s B 35+*SpencerEricksenSparksNV
5492Men’s B 35+*JohnAlbrechtIncline VillageNV
6494Men’s B 35+*RobbWolfRenoNV
7490Men’s B 35+*RossMcMahonIncline VillageNV
8493Men’s B 35+*DavidNobleIncline VillageNV
9496Men’s B 35+*DavidTaylorRenoNV
10497Men’s B 35+*BriceShoolroyRenoNV
11491Men’s B 35+*EricIngramRenoNV
1460SS Men’s B*RajCrowIncline VillageNV
1395Junior Men 17-18BjornFoxIncline VillageNV
2398Junior Men 17-18AlexHowardMill ValleyCA
1397Junior Men 15-16spencepetersonmill valleyCA
2399Junior Men 15-16TobinOrtenbladSanta CruzCA
3396Junior Men 15-16SkylerTaylorMill ValleyCA
1316Master Men 45+johnmundeliusalamoCA
2306Master Men 45+KevinMerriganCastro ValleyCA
3303Master Men 45+SteveOuzounianMoragaCA
4315Master Men 45+LoganKelseymill valleyCA
5314Master Men 45+BrettLambertScotts ValleyCA
6319Master Men 45+ThomasFoxIncline VillageNV
7311Master Men 45+PaulLennonReddingCA
8301Master Men 45+EvanAdamsSan FranciscoCA
9304Master Men 45+MarkHenryIncline VillageNV
10312Master Men 45+JustinEatingerIncline VillageNV
11300Master Men 45+scottweaverbishopCA
12313Master Men 45+JeffPoulsenArnoldCA
13302Master Men 45+unknown rider
14317Master Men 45+ChristopherHolmesFolsomCA
15318Master Men 45+JohnCollinsGrass ValleyCA
16308Master Men 45+JimBarkleyRenoNV
17310Master Men 45+GilbertTarinKnightsenCA
18309Master Men 45+MattMansurRenoNV
1353Master Men 55+NormanKreissOrindaCA
2355Master Men 55+PaulGossiRenoNV
3354Master Men 55+RodMcColloughSusanvilleCA
4351Master Men 55+RonaldRileyAptosCA
1200Elite WomenKaterinaNashTruckeeCA
2204Elite WomenGinaHallOrindaCA
3207Elite WomenEmilyThurstonSan PabloCA
4202Elite WomenCourtneyDimpelAptosCA
5201Elite WomenHaleyJuno-GalvesMenlo ParkCA
6205Elite WomenHollieMcGovernNevada CityCA
7203Elite WomenEllenSherillSouth Lake TahoeCA
8206Elite WomenMargaretShanafieldRenoNV
1292Master Women 35+HeatherLangendorferRedwood CityCA
2291Master Women 35+PaigeGaleotoRenoNV
3293Master Women 35+PennyCollinsGrass ValleyCA
1251Master Women 45+YvonneWalbroehlMountain ViewCA
2253Master Women 45+SoniPoulsenArnoldCA
3250Master Women 45+KristiStewartRenoNV
1270Master Women 55+JennyFrayerRenoNV
2272Master Women 55+ChristineCremoRenoNV
1114Master Men 35+DonMyrahSan JoseCA
2103Master Men 35+AnastasioFloresLa Selva BeachCA
3101Master Men 35+RobertBraunGardnervilleNV
4105Master Men 35+ScottPhillipsRenoNV
5108Master Men 35+MonteBoyleRenoNV
6102Master Men 35+EricBustosAlamedaCA
7111Master Men 35+ShawnO’MearaRenoNV
8104Master Men 35+TimThompsonSan JoseCA
9107Master Men 35+AJKennedyWalnut CreekCA
10106Master Men 35+JeffAngermannRenoNV
11112Master Men 35+ScottCarothersRenoNV
12109Master Men 35+ScottLelandRenoNV
116Elite MenAlexCandelarioRenoNV
213Elite MenBruceSyvertsenSan FranciscoCA
33Elite MenAbeRotsteinWatsonvilleCA
410Elite MenDonMyrahTruckeeCA
515Elite MenScottChapinSanta CruzCA
6110Elite MenNoahSilvermanRenoNV
75Elite MenBjornFoxIncline VillageNV
814Elite MenAaronWilcherSan FranciscoCA
912Elite MenBenDodgeSan JoseCA
104Elite MenSimonVickersBishopCA
1119Elite MenJustinThomasRenoNV
122Elite MenMatthewObregonfolsomCA
138Elite MenJPDonovanIncline VillageCA
1418Elite MenScotFergusonRenoNV
159Elite MenPaulGuerraMountain ViewCA
167Elite MenDearPe shardSanta CruzCA
197Singlespeed A’sTimCannardLos GatosCA
298Singlespeed A’sEvanSarna
*indicates non-championship event