Introducing the New SRAM Chain Spotter

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The new SRAM Chain Spotter

The new SRAM Chain Spotter

In cyclocross, dropping a chain, or jamming it into your already scratched frame, is a fairly common problem. SRAM might have the solution. Beautifully integrated with the all-new SRAM RED-2012 YAW front derailleur, the SRAM chain spotter is a simple yet elegant complement to your drivetrain. It assures accurate performance while protecting your frame, and will now be made available as an aftermarket part. Professional road racers and teams already use the SRAM chain spotter as an integrated part of their groupset. Even in the most extreme conditions, like a muddy cyclocross race, the SRAM chain spotter helps manage your chain.

It’s billed as incredibly simple to install, adjust or remove. Rather, this common sense device goes on or off without affecting the front derailleur position or tuning. The 2.5mm hex mounting screw fits right in the 4mm hollow threaded front derailleur mounting bolt. At a mere 12g, the SRAM Chain Spotter is compatible with SRAM RED-2012, SRAM RED, SRAM Force, SRAM Rival and SRAM Apex braze-on braze-on front derailleurs. If your frame does not have a braze-on hanger, complete the SRAM chain spotter with a separate specifically designed clamp band.

Key Features:

  • 2.5mm mounting and adjusting hex bolts
  • Fully adjustable to fit most SRAM chainring set-ups
  • Simple to install/remove without loss of front derailleur position or tuning

Superior chain management

Chain Spotter MSRP: $36



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K-edge makes a cross specific catcher as well as a road version.  The K-edge road version looks very similar (identical?) to the SRAM.  In talking to K-edge, they do not recommend the road version as it is fragile in a cross environment.  The K-edge cross version, while pricery, is a very different design and very durable, easy to install, adjusts easily and will work with most any drive train.  I have found it to be very effective.  One thing, though - if you have a top tube routed front derailleur cable, ensure the location of the cable pulley leaves room for the chain catcher.  I had no problems with my vintage Specialilzed (circa 2001) S-works, but my new Ridley X-ride mounts the pulley lower and barely leaves room for the chain catcher to mount in an effective positon.


Like it! Not a problem I've had. (Yet?) - The price sure beats the K-edge product, which is why I haven't grabbed that as a preventive.

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