Fantasy Cyclocross Update – November 18

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Cyclocross Magazine’s Fantasy Cyclocross LeagueI do apologize for the delay in releasing this week’s fantasy analysis. I got stuck studying for some excellent quizzes and tests, and have stuffed my brain full of the inner workings of the Urea Cycle and Fatty Acid Beta Oxidation. If only this stuff made me faster…

Before we get started, let’s have a little rant about Niels Albert. Great job breaking your spleen and everything, kiddo. You’ve got a lot to answer for to your many, many fantasy fans who were banking on you taking it to the top of the World Cup this year… Who do we turn to now? Sven Nys? Please! For my sake as well as yours, please teach Enrico Franzoi how to win World Cups, or my fantasy season will not be so pleasant.

So, you guessed it, the big news is that Niels Albert could be out for the rest of the season. That means most of us will be finishing the season with 10 viable riders rather than 11. Let the games begin!

Leading the way this week was HatTrick (would you believe Hat Trick, USA? I sure don’t, who names their kid Hat?) with 347 points. Mr. Trick played a smart game, picking four winners on the weekend – Nys, Todd Wells, Tim Johnson and Georgia Gould, plus got a few top fives in the deal with Ryan Trebon, Klaas Vantornout, Erwin Vervecken, Daphny Van den Brand, Helen Wyman, Pavla Havlikova and Wendy Simms. Unlike a lot of us who were missing one rider (AH IT HURTS SO MUCH!) on the weekend, HatTrick had 11 solid point getters. Second on the weekend was Bike Blade (Jason Eicholtz, USA) with 319, followed by The Smok’n Ones (Peter Mogg, CAN) with 308.

There was a shakeup atop the overall leaderboard this weekend, as Affurdoma!!! (Ian Terry, USA) rode a 295 point weekend – 4th most points – to move 17 points clear of Java (Christian Skinner, USA). Affurdoma!!! has 1626 total points to Java’s 1609. Bergen FK (me!) is third, with 1605 points. Interestingly, the top three positions have all led the game in a previous week, with Affurdoma!!! leading after week 5, Java after week 7 and Bergen FK after week 8. These three, plus SAdamson (Shaun Adamson, CAN) have moved more than 40 points ahead of anyone else and only 11 teams have eclipsed the 1500 point barrier. Could we have already seen the year’s selection, or will other teams be able to play catch up? Certainly without one important Belgian, the game has taken on a whole new direction. Click here for full standings




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