Fantasy Cyclocross Update – January 12, 2009

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Cyclocross Magazine’s Fantasy Cyclocross League By Jake Sisson


It’s that wonderful time of the year where the cyclocross peloton splits off to it’s respective home nations and riders try to bring home what many feel is the most important win of their season. That’s right folks, it’s time for Nationals. For many nationals winners, they’re hope is to wear their country’s stripes for a full three weeks before covering them up with some more, say, universally recognized stripes. While the scoring was modest this week, the overall picture changed somewhat when the dust settled in Europe.

I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas and only telling myself about them. To answer any questions, I’ve made small edits to the nationals scoring system. At first I thought it would be good to just give flat points to each nationals. But then I thought, wait, nationals means that the cream of the crop isn’t racing against each other. So to solve this, I weighted the points you could get from nationals. I started by taking the UCI rankings of nations from last year. Then I assigned a base scoring system: 10 points for first, 3 points for second, 1 point for third. Then I worked a weighting system into the scoring system. It took into account the top 21 nations in the rankings. At the top was Belgium and at the bottom was Hungary. I figured that I would assign a multiple of the base scoring system depending on the strength of the nation. So in the end, Belgium was awarded a strength of 2.5, The Netherlands a strength of 2.4 and so on until Hungary was awarded a 0.5. So, for instance, Sven Nys winning his national championships would award 25 points for first. Ryan Trebon winning the American Championship earned him 20 points as the US was ranked sixth and recieved a strength score of 2.0. In the end I believe it worked out. Sorry to change things without announcing. If the system was flat, Joachim Parbo (the only cyclocross racer in Denmark*) would recieve the same amout as Sven Nys holding off Niels Albert.

152 points was the total that pushed Team Tachy (Jonathan Anderson, USA) to a commanding victory in week 17. Tachy had 7 national champions on the weekend with Sven Nys (Belgium), Zdenek Stybar (Czech Republic), Christian Heule (Switzerland), Enrico Franzoi (Italy), Francis Mourey (France), Daphny Van den Brand (The Netherlands) and Helen Wyman (Great Britain) all earning their stripes. Second place went to G-Ride’s Team (Jerry Chabot, USA) who scored 139 points. (Kyle Fry, CAN) filled out the podium with 133 points.

Changes were afoot in the overall standings, with long standing front runner Affurdoma!!! (Ian Terry, USA) knocked off the top by Java (Christian Skinner, USA) after spending the last three weeks in the pole position. Java’s 3582 points now lead the way, with Affurdoma!!! relegated to second with 3573 points, only 9 points back. Only 50 points away from the summit is Bergen FK (Jake Sisson, USA), who had the best of the top three (103 points) to significantly close the gap to the top.

With only 6 weekends remaining in the competition, this race is going to come down to the wire. Only 6 C1 races, 2 World Cups and the World Championships are left to run, so there is little time to mount an assault on the top of the charts, but, as we all know with cyclocross, anything could happen!

As always, check out the overall standings for an in depth look at your team’s progress.

*I’m sorry Denmark, I love you.



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