Fantasy Cyclocross Update – December 28, 2008

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Cyclocross Magazine’s Fantasy Cyclocross League By Jake Sisson

As we gear up for the biggest week of the season for Fantasy Cyclocross, let’s reflect on the big week that just passed. If you happened to have this week’s all-star team (Nys, Stybar, Vantornout, Al, Pauwels, Walsleben, Kupfernagel, Ferrier-Bruneau, Compton, Vos and Lloyd), you’d have set a game record 538 points in week to week scoring. Saldy, you didn’t, and you didn’t even come close, with the week’s top scorer a full 158 points short! Thijs Al just wasn’t a popular choice in many camps, and he really showed everyone what was what this weekend.

Enough hate spouting, let’s point out what everyone did right. Top of this week’s heap goes to two teams: John3 (John Hostetter, USA) and Crossinados (Michael Prater, USA) who both scored 380 points a piece. Second place went to (Shaun Radley, USA), with 379 points, narrowly missing out on the win. Third place belonged to RRV (Jared Shuttleworth, USA) with 376 points.

So let’s look at the overall standings as they stand these days. Affurdoma!!! (Ian Terry, USA) remains at the top with 3156 points, while Java (Christian Skinner, USA) jumped into second place with 3122 points. The gap to first is only 34 points, so this really is still a shootout. Third place is Bergen FK (Jake Sisson, USA) with 3056 points. Wait a minute… that’s me! And I’m within 100 points! And I closed by 12 points in the last week! And Zdenek Stybar finally started producing! And Enrico Franzoi was finally on a results sheet! And Niels Albert is back! Looks like this could be just the week I need…

As always, check out the full results page and don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t, because even if you don’t win the whole thing, there’s always a chance to get your name here each week. If there is ever a watercooler where people talk about cross, you’ll certainly be the talk of it.



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I love the fact we are all getting schooled by a Junior racer from Seattle. Of course has seen all of the these great racers in person as a member of Eurocross Camp V last year, so he has a bit of an advantage over the rest of us.

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