Fantasy Cyclocross Update – December 22

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Cyclocross Magazine’s Fantasy Cyclocross League By Jake Sisson

Well, finals are now over and they tell me I’m still in school, so that’s a victory. Now I can get back to letting everyone know who did what in the fantasy universe. Let me say to you all, happy holidays, and I hope that this season brings you good tidings of fantasy success. I’ll wrap two weekends into one, as I intended to write up last weekend’s fantasy update in the airport on the way back from nationals, but apparently they don’t believe in WiFi in Kansas City…

As always, make sure to check on updated scores from time to time.

So, let’s start with last week shall we. Let me be the first to say that man oh man, last week was a dismal week for cyclocross. Only one race was on tap, and while it was a good race, hardly anyone came away with any points. Last week’s top scorer was 60plus2 (Jeff Corcoran, USA) with an absurdly high 90 points. Next up was the foursome of Mayo for my Frites, Damnit (Brian Graves, USA), BADD Cross (Terry Clapp, USA), FallDownGoBoom (Troy Evans, USA) and WuTang (David Talbott, USA), each with 83 points. The trick to last weekend was sneaking Kevin Pauwels (who got the win) into your lineup, and leading off with Lars Boom. That was the only real way to be contesting for the week’s win.

The overall picture changed very little over last week, as aside from the Vlaamse Druivenveldrit, only the United States National Championships were awarding points, and not a ton at that. Ryan Trebon, Katie Compton and Amy Dombroski walked away with 20 points, Georgia Gould snagged 5 and Jonathan Page and Rachel Lloyd got a measly 1 point for their third place efforts. That coupled with the overall low points totals from the week meant that Java (Christian Skinner, USA) assumed the lead with 2653 points, followed very closely by HatTrick (Cameron Cogburn, USA) with 2649 points and Affurdoma!!! (Ian Terry, USA) with 2626 points.

This week’s action was a little bit more in line with the normal performance levels. Your decision to bank on Georgia Gould is paying off large dividends these days, as outside of Sven Nys, she’s the highest scoring rider in the game! Her 363 points is better than the likes of Hanka Kupfernagel and Katie Compton, mostly on the back of racing in the states where races happen every 5 minutes, but she’s shown she’s worthy of all those points by podium in her first World Cup of the season, in Nommay! So, this week’s action was headlined by Muddy Spokes (Luke Stifler, USA) who led the way with 306 points. Behind him was Church of the Big (Michael Kracht, USA) and SPCX (Hank Campbell, USA) each with 300 points.

The top three shuffled a little, following a good week from Affurdoma!!!, whose 2900 points put him 31 points ahead of HatTrick who is still in second place. Java drops down 39 points back from the lead with 2861 points, after leading coming into the weekend. My stalwart Bergen FK is still holding down a solid 4th position, but looks to be falling further and further out of the running, with a modest point total of 2788. 112 points is a bunch to make up, but if Enrico Franzoi can turn it on to the tune of 112 points, that could make all the difference!

So, with that, have a safe holiday season. Remember that there’s a ton of racing coming up over the new years, so watch closely, there could be big changes by the time Worlds happens. On tap this week is the Zolder World Cup on Friday and the Superprestige stop in Diegem on Sunday. The week after, however, features Noordzeecross in Middelkerke on Monday, Azencross in Loenhout on Tuesday, the GP Sven Nys in Baal on Wednesday, and the Internationale Veldrit Sint Michielsgestel on Sunday. Who’s excited? I’m excited.



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