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  • Tim Johnson’s Prototype Disc Brake Cannondale SuperX Bike

    It didn't come out often during the season, but Tim Johnson was all disc and all speed on his new prototype bike. ©Pat Malach

    by Josh Liberles Tim Johnson, one of America’s top ’crossers, has had a disc-brake-equipped prototype carbon Cannondale SuperX on board the team truck for most of the season, but he’s only busted it out in races recently. It was…

  • Holiday Cyclocross Product Spotlight: Tire Pressure Gauges

    Tire pressure gauges from SKS, Topeak and Slime. ©

    Call it “The 12 days of Crossmas,” “The Festival of Cyclokkah” … or something similarly themed surrounding Kwanza, Saturnalia, Festivus (or your favorite winter holiday of choice) that we’re not witty enough to make sound cyclocross-related, but the gear-heads at…

  • New Product Spotlight: VelEau Hydration

    The VelEau, gone cyclocross.

    by Josh Liberles Take velo, add eau (French for water) and you end up with VelEau, a French-sounding, but American-made, on-the-bike hydration system. Rather than wearing a bladder on your back, the VelEau puts a hard-shell reservoir into a saddle…

  • ’Cross Shoe Review: Gaerne G. Keira Cyclocross / Mountain Bike Shoe

    Gaerne G. Keira mtb and cyclocross shoe. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Is there such a thing as a perfect cyclocross shoe? We’re certainly always looking out for one. In our short little history, we’ve reviewed nearly twenty shoes, and each tester is always hoping that the next shoe he (or she)…

  • Product Review: Green Guru Gear and Saddle Bags

    by Josh Liberles Where do bike tubes go when they die? Well, if they’re lucky, they head to Boulder, Colorado, for a second life as a part of super-cool, bomber Green Guru gear. Green Guru has specialized in building products…

  • Clothing Review: 2011/2012 Goodies from Castelli

    by Josh Liberles The Cyclocross Magazine Labs had the chance to preview some of the latest product offerings from clothing company Castelli, and we found several that are worthy of consideration for your cyclocross wardrobe. Or perhaps someone on your…

  • Embrocation Review: Enzos Embro Sticks, Oil Sticks, and Button Hole Chamois Cream


    More than any other type of cyclist, cyclocrossers have an infatuation with embrocation. The ointments can help protect your skin from the elements, and give you a sense of warmth when it’s cold outside – not just during cyclocross but…

  • How-To: Singlespeed Conversion (in time for SSCXWC)

    Soulcraft's Convert Tensioner is one of our favorites. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Just in time for SSCXWC, we’ve got a how-to article on singlespeed conversions. This article is part of the Singlespeed Overdose feature in Issue 2 that also reviewed tensioners and covered the first edition of the Single Speed Cyclocross World…

  • Cyclocross Pre-Race Bike Inspection: Save Your Race

    Pitting: doing it right can be just as tough as racing. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Before you can go out and preview a course at any given race, you should be “previewing” your bike for the weekend, making sure everything is as it should be. Mechanic Jeremy Chinn tells us how. by Jeremy Chinn

  • Cyclocross Wheel Review: Revolution Wheelworks Rev-33X Carbon Tubular Wheelset

    Revolution Wheelworks newest offering. Jonathan Kahler

    Most serious cyclocrossers eventually move from clinchers to tubular tires (or tubeless) to take advantage of the faster speeds of low-pressure tires with less pinch flat risk.  Serious cyclocrossers who can afford it often look to carbon rims for weight…

  • Cyclocross Wheel Review: Williams Cyclocross Tubular Wheelset Review

    Williams Cyclocross Wheelset © Cyclocross Magazine

    Williams has brought to market a cyclocross specific tubular wheel set that is a strong performer yet durable enough for even the most aggressive Clydesdale. The wheels are built with stout 14 straight gauge spokes: 2-cross lacing on the front and 3-cross on the rear. The semi-aero, aluminum rim is robust, benefiting from a simple tubular cross section. The rims are completed with a brilliant white paint scheme, and their `cross-specific pedigree is emphasized by bold decals.

  • Pro Bike Profile: Christine Vardaros’s Stevens Carbon Team DA Bike

    Christine Vardaros with her Stevens Team Carbon DA. by Patricia Cristens

    Pro cyclist and Cyclocross Magazine writer Christine Vardaros is in possession of not one, not two, but three Stevens Carbon Team DA bikes to get her through the long European season. The only difference on the bikes? The bar tapes…

  • Mechanical Monday: Tips for the Pits

    Pitting: doing it right can be just as tough as racing. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Pitting can be tricky business: there’s always the chance that your racer will have a grievous mechanical issue, there are hand-offs, you may have a bike hurtling at you at ridiculous speeds, you’ll get muddy, wet or cold, or all…

  • Pro Bike Profile: Dan Chabanov’s Richard Sachs Bike

    Dan Chabanov takes a corner on his Richard Sachs bike. © Cyclocross Magazine

    by Molly Hurford How does it feel riding a custom Richard Sachs creation? Dan Chabanov, one of Sachs’ racers this season, tried to explain: “It’s not some magical feeling … OK, it’s kind of a magical feeling.” Within the New…

  • Interbike 2011: Boo Bicycles and Co-Motion Show Off Gates Carbon Drive Options

    Boo Bicycles and Co-Motion may not be mentioned in the same breath very often, but both companies had sweet single-cog bike options on display at Interbike this year. Gates Carbon Drive belt systems are gaining in popularity, and new versions…

  • Pro Bike Profile: Bart Wellens’ Winning Ridley X-Night Cyclocross Bike

    Bart Wellens' Ridley X-Night cyclocross bike as ridden during his 2011 U.S. campaign. The integrated seat mast makes for difficult traveling and is why Ridley's U.S. riders ride the X-Fire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    By any measure, Telenet-Fidea’s Bart Wellens’ first U.S. cyclocross campaign has been a success, with three victories in five races, one second place, and one late-race attack in CrossVegas that nearly netted him the victory. Wellens leaves the States with…

  • Mechanical Mondays: Mechanical Disc Brake Adjustments

    Setting up disc brakes correctly is going to be a big new part of cyclocross. Jason Gardner

    There is no denying that disc brakes are gaining in popularity among cyclocross bikes. One look at the ’cross bike photos from the recent Eurobike and Interbike trade shows is enough to show that disc-brake-equipped ’cross bikes are the wave of the future. Their benefits are well known; tire clearance is now only a matter of the frame. They are more powerful with more control and they are not so nearly affected by water and mud. Apart from all these benefits though, the tighter tolerances associated with disc brakes lend themselves more easily to poor adjustment, and improper adjustment on disc brakes can ruin your race more easily than a poorly adjusted cantilever. Too loose and you lose your braking altogether; too tight and your brake drags the whole time. The down side is these poor conditions happen a lot easier to disc brakes than to cantilevers.

  • Interbike 2011: PowerTap’s Impressive New Lineup

    PowerTap has long been a big player in the power meter market, but the distinctive oversized hubs are a relative rarity on the cyclocross course. While there are plenty of ’crossers who train with PowerTaps, most of those who choose to race with power typically opt for one of the crank-based meters like SRMs or Quarqs.

    Part of the knock on PowerTaps was their weight. Another factor is the added expense of needing a PowerTap hub in a training wheel and at least one – perhaps several – race wheel. The new G3 PowerTap hubs tackles that first drawback head on. According to Eric Wallace of Saris, PowerTap’s parent company, the new hub is the lightest power meter on the market, adding about 100g to a comparable high-performance rear hub.

  • Interbike 2011: Mercury Cycling’s New Wheel Offerings

    Mercury is following the trend of increasing rim width for better stability out on the course. For the glue-sniffing set this means a wider surface to lay the adhesive on, resulting in a firmer connection between tire and rim and, based on your gluing prowess, fewer incidences of rolled tires. The better connection between rubber and metal can also mean better cornering as the tires retain their shape better in the corners.

  • Interbike 2011: 2012 Jamis Supernova

    Jamis Offers Up Three Options For 2012

    The 2012 model year sees the respected name Jamis written on the tubes of three models aimed at the cross market. At the top of the line is the Supernova, which comes race ready for $2,600.00.

  • Interbike 2011: Nifty knickknacks from Showers Pass, Prestaflator, Adarga Bar Tape


    by Josh Liberles Showers Pass “VelEau” Hydration Pack The best way to describe the VelEau hydration pack is a combo between a tri-geek’s bar-mounted sipper and a Camelbak hydration pack. But it’s actually way cooler than that. Frank Bretl and…

  • Interbike 2011: Turner Cyclocross Bike Spy Shots

    Interbike is all about getting exposure for new products, so it’s weird to think that it would be a venue for “spy shots” or unearthing product info not intended for public consumption. But thanks to Joey Mullan’s (of recent “Joey’s…

  • Interbike 2011: New Speedplay Syzr Pedals

    Speedplay has offered mountain bike pedals for years with the company’s Frog model. But the Frogs never really made a dent into the ’cross market. That could very well change with the introduction of the new Syzr pedals, which will relegate the Frog largely to touring and commuting duty. Modeled after the very popular Speedplay Zero road pedals, the Syzr offers adjustable float adjustment as well as tension adjustment for release and entry.

  • Pro Bike Profile: Aaron Schooler’s Norco Threshold

    Aaron Schooler on his new Norco Threshold. © Joe Sales

    Norco is launching their new Carbon Cyclocross bike the Norco Threshold this Fall. To be in stores soon, this beast of a bike boasts an impressive resume already with a top 15 in Cross Vegas, top 10′s at Starcrossed and the Rapha Focus GP and a BC Cup Provincial Win to start off the 2011 season. Aaron Schooler of Team H&R BLOCK and powered by Sri Importing got a couple of these custom painted bad boys just in time for the beginning of the cross season and was highly impressed with the updates that Norco has made to the old Scandium CCX SL revamping it from scratch and moving to the carbon mold. The Norco Threshold is a European race bike with some North American Flare to it.

  • Interbike 2011: FSA Brakes, Cranks & BBs

    FSA has suddenly gone from one model of brakes to three, to fit various adjustment needs and price points. The previously released SL-K brakes now serve as the midpoint between the top K-Force and least expensive Energy models.

  • Pro Bike Profile: Katerina Nash’s Orbea Terra TDR Carbon Cyclocross Bike

    Katerina Nash's Orbea Terra cyclocross bike. © Motofish Images

    Katerina Nash, in our feature on her Issue 13 said, “The bottom line is that cyclocross is all I want to race.”  It’s clear the Luna rider meant it, and has been anxiously waiting for this season to begin. She’s…

  • Mechanical Monday: Protecting Your Tubulars

    Protect those tubulars, they don't come cheap! Kenton Berg

    It’s nearly mid-September and by now a good portion of y’all reading this will have raced already or will be prepping to race this next weekend. If you’ve been to your first race you undoubtably heard the moans of some poor soul who flatted his or her newly glued tubular and can’t believe they have to go through those dreaded steps again. You know, clean, stretch, glue, et cetera! If you’re lucky enough that this poor sap isn’t you, then a little bit more prep work can stave off this scenario.

  • Interbike 2011 Cross Bike Bling: Moots Titanium PsychloX RSL

    The Moots PscyloX RSL is ready for production after several years in development. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Moots’ employees take cyclocross seriously. One just has to look at the CrossVegas Wheelers and Dealers results from the last few years to see that the employees of the Steamboat Springs-based framebuilder don’t just dabble in cyclocross, but specialize in…

  • Interbike 2011: New and Updated Cyclocross Tires, Part 1

    Vredestein is eyeing the cyclocross market, and showed off their new Black Panther tread. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Cyclocross tires are arguably the only cyclocross-specific components found on a ’cross bike. Cantilever brakes, drivetrain components, and cockpits are all used by other types of bikes and other types of riding. With this in mind, we pay particular attention to…

  • Interbike 2011: Katheryn Curi Mattis & Ritte’s Cyclocross Bikes

    by Josh Liberles Katheryn Curi Mattis apparently has a hard time staying “retired” from competitive bike racing. Curi Mattis—who won the 2005 US road race national title and the 2008 Geelong World Cup road race, and is one of the…

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