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  • Echelon Gran Fondo and Cyclocross Magazine’s Day in the Hood: “CrossMountain” Dirt Ride

    ©Cyclocross Magazine

    by Robbie Carver There aren’t too many rides that begin with a helicopter buzzing the start line. Then again, there aren’t too many rides that include an ex-marine handing you a semi-automatic and telling you that hitting the bull’s-eye will…

  • Behind THE Barriers Season Kickoff Monday at 8 AM

    Excited about cyclocross? Check out the season kickoff of Behind THE Barriers featuring (naturally) coverage of CrossVegas, the unofficial cyclocross season kickoff. We at the magazine have a special affinity for this firstfilm for two reasons: filmmaker, Sam Smith, is…

  • Is Joey Really OK? Joey Speaks Up and Tells His Story – Updated

    Joey hit the ground hard, but he's OK! Craig Fowler

    There have been a lot of questions asked and many things assumed about my “incident.” Allow me to set the record straight. My name is Joey Mullan, and I crashed on my bike. As for the intensity of the crash, wow! I have raced singlespeed cyclocross for the past three seasons, this being my fourth. I don’t consider myself a roadie, a mountain biker or a BMX kid. I do it all, but I consider myself a cyclocrosser, 100%.

  • Predicting Winners: CXM Readers Accurate Choosing CrossVegas American Racers but Not Europeans

    We asked you last week who you thought would win CrossVegas011  2and 400 of you voted, choosing Bart Wellens most frequently, followed by Jeremy Powers and then Ryan Trebon.  Both Powers and Trebon changed teams in the off-season and came…

  • Interbike 2011 Urban Cycling Fashion Show Photo Gallery

    In the spirit of Interbike, we decided to bring you coverage of the Urban Cycling Fashion Show that happened on the runway just moments ago. Because we all know that at the end of the day, part of going fast is looking cool … right?

  • Cross Clash: Johnson Takes Powers in the Battle of the Titans on the Interbike Mini-Velodrome

    Pre-race press conference, Powers in a black silk robe, Johnson in a bathrobe, reporters clamoring for quotes.

    In the pursuit match done on a mini-velodrome with BMX bikes, cyclocross legends Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers duked it out at high noon in a two-out-of-three match. Pre-race, the two contenders held a press conference (see picture) and weighed…

  • Attention Promoters, Photographers And Writers: Cyclocross Magazine Wants Your Race Report

    Cyclocross Magazine Issue 13 cover

    The season has started, the first big UCI race has been run, and that means for the next four months, here at Cyclocross Magazine, we’ll be working day and night to make sure that results, photos and race reports from hundreds of races get posted in a timely manner. Whether your race is grass roots or UCI, we are happy to shine the light on your event.

  • Psychlo-Mom In The Kitchen: Earth-Shaking Granola Recipe


    Earthquake?! Feh.

    That was our sexy MAC cyclocrossers warming up! We’re three weeks away from ’cross season … so boys are crashing through city parks and then running from the cops seconds before they get told to leave. You can feel it now, right? What you eat matters, and now is the time to start experimenting with what goes down easy and stays down, what keeps you going and what revives you so that you can get up and do it all over again the next day. So, I’m baaaaack, because what you eat, when you eat it and how it performs occupies so much of my brain space that I thought I might as well get it out here with the only other people I know who aren’t on Weight Watchers: cyclocrossers.

  • Friday Feature: The Great Coffee Debate

    The great coffee debate is raging in the Cowbell forums, will you weigh in?

    Almost as much as beer, coffee is a part of cyclocross, and cycling in general. Coffee snobbery is fairly common at races, though the Dunkin’ Donuts run remains a time-honored tradition for some teams. This week on the Cowbell Forum, we had a member ask for coffee suggestions, and the forum went crazy. The great coffee debate, labeled “Coffee Anyone” had answers ranging from tiny fair trade roasters to more traditional blends.

  • Echelon Gran Fondo Gets Dirty in Oregon – PLUS Contest for Free Entries!

    Echelon Mt Hood Gran Fondo flyer

    Cyclocross Magazine is partnering up with Echelon Gran Fondo to bring a first-ever dirt option to the organization’s rides. In addition to a variety of road offerings, the Hood River, the Oregon, fondo adds “CrossMountain” routes – either 30 or 45 miles mixing paved road, singletrack and dirt forest roads in the stunning Columbia River Gorge.

  • Friday Feature: Fantasy League Tour De France Continues

    Top Ten as of Stage 12

    If you’re sitting at home (or in the office) morning after morning, sipping coffee and laughing/crying as the racers in the Tour de France battle it out over the course of three weeks, then … well, you’re just like us here at Cyclocross Magazine. And if you’re taking part in our Fantasy League for the Tour, even better!

  • Cyclocross Magazine’s Fantasy Tour Update – Stage 3

    It’s been three stages since our Fantasy Tour de France league for cyclocrossers kicked off, and if you haven’t yet, head on over to our Cowbell Forums to share your team, see latest league updates and talk trash. After a dominant two days by MJBikes, CrimsonPlanet has taken the lead with a stellar Stage 3, and sits ahead of Kris’ team Lucas and MJBikes. Crimson Planet also happens to be sitting in 35th of over 11,000 teams overall at

  • Free Tour de France Fantasy League for Cyclocrossers – Enter Today

    Tour de France Fantasy League for cyclocross

    Fantasy Tour de France for cyclocrossers is here! The Tour will be on TV for hours and hours, and while we’re grateful and sure think it’s more exciting than more re-runs of Jersey Shore, cyclocross fans looking for race coverage are stuck re-watching highlights of World Cups in Flemish or waiting for MFG’s Midsummer Nights race. So Cyclocross Magazine aims to make the Tour more exciting for cyclocrossers with a little fantasy league competition.

  • Fun Ways to Support Cyclocross Magazine


    Enjoy Cyclocross Magazine in print? Like the daily cyclocross news stories on Find the dedicated cyclocross forums and social network useful? As you can imagine, all of that stuff has a cost, and we’re just a tiny operation chasing…

  • Cyclocross Magazine’s Euro Fantasy League Results – Post Hoogstraten Superprestige

    by Ryan Malinchak With the 2011 UCI Cyclocross World Championships over, its time to focus on the last few races of the season. Our latest update includes points from the Worlds, GvA Lille, and the Hoogstraten Superprestige. With the added…

  • Cyclocross Magazine’s Euro Fantasy League Results – Post Hoogerheide World Cup

    by Ryan Malinchak Ok, so I’m finally getting on the ball with these updates, unfortunately its taken most of the season. With the World Championships just a week away, all the usual suspects were out to get some last minute…

  • Cyclocross Magazine Euro Fantasy League Results – Post Pont Chateau World Cup

    by Ryan Malinchak Here’s the long-awaited fantasy update after the cyclocross World Cup at Pont Chateau. Yes, I know the Hoogerheide Cyclocross World Cup just finished, and I’m close to getting those results integrated as well. But you’ve waited long…

  • Fantasy Cyclocross League Standings for 1/5/2011

    by Ryan Malinchak You’ve been waiting for it…we now have all the results for the Zolder WC, Diegem Superprestige, and last two GVA Trofee races tallied and triple-checked by a big five accountant (my five fingers).  Sorry for the delay…

  • European Fantasy Cyclocross League Relaunched – Enter Today

    After a successful re-launch of Fantasy cyclocross for the 2010 National Championships (and after a hiccup with the full-season league), we’re back with a  shortened Euro-centric league from now til the remainder of the season.  To be fair to previous…

  • Nationals Fantasy Cyclocross League Results

    by Ryan Malinchak With just a week’s notice, this year’s Cyclocross Magazine National Championships Fantasy Cyclocross League drew a remarkable number of entries. 194 fantasy teams battled it out for their shot at prizes from Zipp, TRP,  The Old Mill…

  • Cyclocross Magazine’s Fantasy League is Back! Nationals-only Contest Launched

    For full Cyclocross National Championships coverage, visit our 2010 USA Cycling National Championships Page. Yes, that’s right. Our homeboy and fantasy geek Jake got quite busy this year helping the boys at Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld and thus our league took a…

  • Friar Tuck: A Trip to Westmalle Abbey Brewery

    For many cyclocross racers, the love of racing is only  rivaled only by a passion for hand-crafted beer. Ty Kurth is no exception to this. Kurth traveled to the Westmalle Monastery, just north of Antwerp, Belgium, to witness the production…

  • Join CXM’s Junior, U23 and Collegiate Fundraiser, Win Lots of Swag


    Cyclocross Magazine, with the support of the generous sponsors below, has opened up its innovative youth fundraiser program for applications from all teams. The program has been in beta form, and raises money and provides merchandise prizes for  junior, U23…

  • Cyclocross Magazine Fantasy Cyclocross Returns For 2010

    It’s that time of year. Time to get out your collective research from the past few years and put it to good use. That’s right, it’s time for Cyclocross Magazine Fantasy Cyclocross! Think you know better than anyone else in…

  • Ringing the Cowbell – Off-Season Photo and Caption Contests

    OK, so most of us are a little frustrated at the length of time since the last season ended, and the length of time till the next season starts. But this is a supportive community so we need to stick…

  • A Sneak Peak From The MABRAcross Logo Contest

    Submissions to the MABRAcross logo contest continue to roll in, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to send in your design. May 14th is the deadline for you procrastinators to enter. To get those creative juices flowing, or for…

  • Pro Cyclocross Rumors and Rumblings – April 21, 2010

    The road season is getting its wheels turning in high gear, and it has already claimed its first cyclocross casualty; one that is near and dear to our hearts. Also, Rabobank-Giant has picked up some young talent, Marianne Vos picks…

  • Fantasy Cyclocross Update – Week 21


    The buzz of the World Championships is finally settling down, and as a result of the requisite post-Worlds parties, Fantasy Cyclocross has two weeks worth of racing to Update. Undoubtedly you are all familiar with the big winners of the…

  • New Poll Added: Is Louisville Cyclocross in Your Plans?

    Traveling to Louisville for the 2013 Cyclo-Cross World Championships

    With the exciting news of the 2013 UCI Cyclocross World Championships as well as the 2012/2013 Masters Cyclocross World Championships heading to Louisville, Kentucky, are you planning on making the trip to Louisville?  Planning on attending in 2012? Starting to…

  • World Championships Preview: Juniors and Espoirs

    By Jake Sisson The snows and ice of Tabor, Czech Republic are sure to bring out the best of every category that is set to contest the UCI World Championships this coming weekend. The first to hit the course will…

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