Breaking News: Jonathan Page’s Season in Jeopardy? – Updated

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Jonathan Page in Kansas City. © Cyclocross Magazine

Jonathan Page in Kansas City. © Cyclocross Magazine

[Updated] After the sad heckling incident at nationals, Jonathan Page is back in the headlines again, and unfortunately once again it’s not because of his race results. Originally reported on, Page missed a doping control test after the Koksijde World Cup and now faces a possible suspension. Cyclocross Magazine got the scoop on the story, and was the first website to hear from Jonathan Page on the matter.

The surprise news affected Page so much that he decided not to travel to Belgium to start yesterday’s World Cup in Zolder despite being on the start list and now his remaining starts are in jeopardy because of the missed test.

A missed test under UCI rules, even if due to a simple oversight, could result in a suspension as long as two years, but such a penalty could be reduced or eliminated if the rider establishes sufficient basis.

On December 19th, Jonathan received an email of a registered letter from the anti-doping authorities about the missed test at the November 29th race. Page told Cyclocross Magazine, “i’ve been living in hell since nine days ago. I’ve not slept much. Neither has [my wife] Cori.”

He recalls the Koksijde World Cup events, explaining how he missed the test. “I crashed in lap two of the bike race [Koksijde], and went back to the mobile home. I didn’t think to go to the finish to check for doping control. My wife normally gives me my coat at the finish and checks control. She came to find me instead [due to the crash] and didn’t remember either. The third backup assumed I was fine because there were chaperones to escort the riders to the control.”

Page’s website displays the motto “Work Hard. Ride Clean.” But caught in this situation, he’s out to profess his innocence and needs the case resolved before the world championships in order to race this year’s event in Holland.

“I’m not a doper,” Page told Cyclocross Magazine adamantly. “I just didn’t remember to check. It’s my fault I know but I could be facing a pretty stiff penalty for that. I’ve done everything I can now and it’s up to the USADA people to decide if they believe me or not. I’m hoping…”

Jonathan Page’s wife Cori has also updated Jonathan’s website, explaining the situation on how the day went so badly. Due to a string of events including a crash that broke Page’s new bike in three places, his system to be informed of required doping control broke down that day. His wife reports that no attempt was made by officials to notify Page that he was on the list, despite multiple opportunities.

Now it’s up to USADA to decide the fate of the Planet Bike rider. The events have kept Page stateside for the last World Cup in Zolder, but he is on his way back to Belgium.

You can read more from the Page’s on Jonathan Page’s site here.

It’s certainly not been a good month for the two cyclocross Jonathans, as Jonathan Baker could still face suspension for his punch in Kansas City. Stay tuned, we’ll bring you updates as soon as we get them.



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