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Pocket-Sized Gifts

It’s always nice to see a gift go everywhere with the lucky recipient, and your local bike shop probably has plenty of bike-themed items that fit this description. Bottle openers and multi-tools can provide years of use and joy. Here’s a few of our favorite items that might inspire your own stocking-stuffer quest, whether at your local shop or online:

Moots Ti Bottle Opener

Moots titanium bottle openers.

Moots titanium bottle openers.

Moots has once again released their “Ti Sticks” (exactly what it sounds like: a serious noisemaker for a serious cyclocross fan), and this year, the proceeds from the sales will go to support flood recovery efforts in Colorado. The good news is that they sold out quickly!

But it’s always nice to have titanium in your pocket, especially when it’s always ready to open the beveration of your choice. This unit is corrosion-proof and is efficient with great prying stiffness, but yet is compliant enough to protect the glass bottle and avoid unnecessary, foam-creating vibration. Extravagant and awesome at $35.
More info: Moots.com


Every cyclist usually has at least one, but they’re often misplaced, in the other bag or on the other bike, or never handy when we need one.

Most shops have a nice selection of multi-tools and two of our favorites are the ST-15I CO² inflator multi-tool, and the Lezyne SV11 multi-tool.

The Serfas ST-151 Multi-tool tries to do everything, and does it pretty well. It’s a CO² inflator and a tool, and includes 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.5 mm Allen keys, Phillips head and standard screwdrivers, 25 and 30 Torx wrenches.  Attached to the side are yellow tire levers, and in a small compartment are glueless patches and a piece of sandpaper. Integrated into all this is a CO² inflator for speedy inflation if you’re on the trail or dabble in mountain bike races or with inner tubes. Our biggest complaint is that the tire levers and patch compartment door easily pop off their attachment points. $40.

Lezyne's SV11 multi-tool will get you home.

Lezyne’s SV11 multi-tool will get you home.

The Lezyne SV11 Multi-tool is a lightweight, CNC aluminum frame multi-tool that offers 11 different functions including a chainbreaker that works with 9, 10 and 11-speed chains, and has pretty much everything you’d need to adjust a modern bike except a Phillips screwdriver. Stainless steel hardward and bits keep the tool rust-free, a great thing if you ride a lot in “real” cyclocross weather.  Tools included are 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex wrenches, T25 and T30 Torx, a flat head screwdriver and the chain breaker. $46.99.

More info: Serfas.comLezyne.com

CXM Mini-Cowbell Keychain

everyone needs more cowbell

Everyone needs more cowbell

Can’t swing the $35-$47 price tag? Forget utility and go for more cowbell. Our CXM-branded mini-cowbell will keep a cyclist’s keys, dog, cat, or little kid ringing the joyful sounds of cyclocross without breaking the bank, at only $5.99 shipped. Featuring quick removal with the sturdy clip, and impressive sound for the small size.

Want more cowbell? Clip it on to your saddle’s rails. Coated with strong, durable paint for years of rust-free use. Rumor has it Cyclocross Magazine opted for the acclaimed DuPont Imron favored by many custom builders for the bell’s vibrant colors.  Pick up one here.

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