Cyclocross Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Part 2 (With Last-Minute Ideas)

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We’re guessing there are a few of you who, like us, have procrastinated, worked too much, and frankly prefer to compress holiday shopping into one messy 45 to 60 minute effort, rather than a boring, 21-stage, far-too-many hours event. Maybe you have a great excuse, because you opted to do things like ride and race your bicycle and focus on work and family instead of dealing with traffic and crowds of malls. It’s a fine excuse by our books, even if your gift might be a tad late.

Well, the 11th hour is here, and it’s time to get it done, and we’ve got a long-awaited Part 2 of our Gift Guide for you last-minute types.  Some products and ideas should be available at your local bicycle shop. (Hint: if the last-minute type is your friend or family, sharing this can give them the inspiration they need, and will help make sure you don’t get a lame tie or fruitcake).

So, what are you waiting for? Snag the holeshot and get gifting! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or More Cowbell Day, we’ve got some great gift ideas (with built-in reviews – no advertorial here) for your cycling friends (or yourself). Here’s Part 2 of our guide, and make sure you’ve read Part 1 as well!

christmas tree

We’ve got six main sections in this one that we think make it worth paging through:

  1. For the kids
  2. Cyclocross content
  3. Clean, fresh and safe
  4. Pocket-sized gifts
  5. Big ticket, make-their-year gifts
  6. The universal, loved-by-every-cyclocrosser gift
  7. A bonus, no-cost-to-you gift

Click through our slideshow with the “Next Page” and “Previous Page” buttons to see all of our favorite presents!

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Ella Rich
Ella Rich

Great unique share so I'd love to get more ideas.Valuable information in this post like the last 6 points of this post attracts me the most.

Lara Hanson
Lara Hanson

I need to stop looking!!! Before my bank acct gets a big hit!

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