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Christine Vardaros is an Elite ’crosser who started her career in the US and quickly transitioned to life as an American expat living and racing in Belgium. Cyclocross Magazine's European eyes and ears, she maintains a Rider Diary in both print and online, and contributes features regularly as well.
  • Niels Albert Tearfully Announces Retirement from Cycling

    Niels Albert takes his first WOrld Cup win of the season at Koksijde. © Thomas Van Bracht

    In a press conference held this afternoon, an emotional Niels Albert announced his retirement from citing heart problems. He apparently found out Wednesday night that due to infection, he would need to retire. Last Wednesday night, 28-year-old BKCP rider Niels…

  • Nys’ MTB Nationals Wasn’t Meant to Be

    Sven Nys wins and salutes his bike for the second race in a row. ©

    It turns out after all Sven Nys’ hard work in securing a MTB National Championships in his neighboring town of Wezemaal, didn’t pan out after all, according to  Another potential organizer instead was accepted to put together the next…

  • Sven Nys Tries to Rescue MTB Nationals for Belgium

    Nys shows of his technical prowess at Worlds in Hoogerheide. © Thomas Van Bracht

    With no Belgian organization willing to host the Belgian MTB Championships, current MTB (and cyclocross) National Champion Sven Nys is taking it on himself. According to, Nys has contacted his partner company, Golazo Sports Marketing, to see if they…

  • Page Looking to Worlds to Salvage Season – Worlds 2014

    The only American male racer, Jonathan Page, post-race. © Thomas van Bracht

    by Christine Vardaros Everyone who competes in bicycle races knows that there are ups and downs. When we have more ups than downs, it generally means we’ve had a successful season. That is, unless we can time one of our…

  • Rueful Roubaix: A Column by Christine Vardaros

    Christine Vardaros making the best of it. By Cyril Guerin

    by Christine Vardaros Looking ahead to the race, I had expected to stand at the start line, head filled with optimistic thoughts of taking down my opponents for my own inner peace.  I was basing this on the speeds and…

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